July 17th, 2009

dean is the mommy

"Judgment" + "Victors" (Sam/OMC; PG)

Hi, everybody!

Two posts in three days, can you believe it? Anyway, a couple more Rapture drabbles to share with the class.


Since his hands are full, Sam lets Pete have the honor of kicking Dean’s ankle to get him to slide out from under the latest car in need of his TLC.

"Whaaaaat," Dean grouses, like he wouldn’t be scouring the countryside with, like, bloodhounds if Sam failed to check in.

"We made sponge cake in home ec today," Sam says, holding out the flimsy paper plate. Dean goes for a big piece, reaching out with dirty fingers. He chews contemplatively.

"Well?" Pete asks.

"Nice job," Dean says, with his mouth full. "What are the odds it’ll be pie next week?"



It’s raining, again, so instead of playing soccer out on the field, Snyder’s going to keep them inside doing drills. Great. It’s not like he wanted unbruised shins or anything.

But Snyder apparently likes to keep them guessing, because they’re playing dodgeball instead.

Sam’s stomach drops out as Pete glances over at him. It’s not like playing this stupid game is going to make him dumb all over again, chasing after Jaime, but it’s not like he needs the reminder, either.

They’re both out in the first minute, and they sit close, watch, and do commentary as the game unfolds.

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