July 7th, 2009

the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

"Beginning" + "Soda" (Sam/OMC; PG)

Hi, everybody!

So I've got a birthday story I'm posting next week and a story for spn_summergen that's going up in about a month at the earliest, and all of the other things I'm working on are long, long stories that I have no hope of wrapping up quickly. And I'm getting itchy and want-to-write-y, so I thought I'd try my hand at drabbles. Specifically, Sam/Pete drabbles. (Drabbles because the boys are young and just making baby steps in their relationship, blah blah blah.)

These drabbles will most likely make no sense unless you've read "The Taming of the You-Know-Who." If you've never read that story, all you need to know is that it's a Winchester AU of The Taming of the Shrew and [highlight the white space to read the spoilers!] specifically, Sam had a crush on a girl named Jaime, who he finally asked to Homecoming, only to realize that they had nothing in common, and that the person who really meant something to him was his best friend, Pete.

Sam and Pete are both fourteen, freshmen, and complete dweebs. And the town they're living in is called Rapture. And that's Pete in my icon.

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Now what I need from you is ideas for more Sam/Pete drabbles, if you're interested. Any chronology, any kind of prompt, for a drabble of any rating. I'd really like to try to keep some writing going on a more regular basis, so help me out with prompts, please?

Thanks, and as always, I'd love to hear what you think.