January 3rd, 2009

pleading, little shop of horrors: chorus two ways, song, strong and sure

"The Eyes of the Observer Make the Mystery" (R; Fringe/Supernatural)

Hi, everybody! Welcome to my one and only Yuletide post!

Heads up: madamedarque wrote me a gorgeous Little Shop of Horrors fic that you should check out if you've ever wanted to know more about the Greek Chorus.

Here's my official repost of my Yuletide fic, written for thenewradical, who asked for Fringe, and I went ahead and made it a Supernatural crossover because the mythologies slotted so neatly together. On the SPN side, there are spoilers for 4x01 ("Lazarus Rising"), and on the Fringe side, spoilers for everything except 1x10 ("Safe"). My thanks to everyone involved in Yuletide, and to janissa11 in particular, for reading my Fringe primer in order to beta this beast.

The title is from a line in Angela Carter's "The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe" (collected in Saints and Strangers): "He must often have toddled on to the stage when the theatre was empty and the curtains down so all was like a parlour prepared for a séance, waiting for the moment when the eyes of the observers make the mystery." And Olivia's quote at the end of the fic is by Richard Powers.

Summary: "Both the myths of religion and the laws of science, it is now becoming apparent, are not so much descriptions of facts as symbolic expressions of cosmic truths." - Rene Dubos

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.