November 8th, 2008

boys on the verge of laughter

Monkeychucker (birthday fic for gretazreta!) (SPN - Gen, R)

Happy birthday to gretazreta, who is a shining success at everything she turns her hand to! Honey, that must be exhausting! So kick back, relax, and read a little happy fic! (Set just after 4x05, spoilers only for 4x05, written before 4x08 aired. My thanks to my (temporary) live-in beta janissa11 for the looksee.)

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

(Note: I'm fairly certain Beverly Hills Cop ran on all of the stations mentioned here, but I do not have Dean's memory and could not tell you which station employed bleeps or made-up words to cover up all the cursing. Though I do have fond memories of New York's Channel 11 (aka WPIX, WB, CW) showing movies on Saturdays. The "monkeychucker" line comes from a college roommate's memory.)
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

Grab Bag: adorable dad - Bruce Campbell & Ted Raimi - fics - etc.

Hi, everybody!

This is just a grab-bag post of what's going on with me. Only the adorablest part is uncut.

SO. Here goes - my dad was absolutely adorable on Tuesday. I'd gone to vote, which took me four hours of standing in line, but really, it was like a party, with everyone smiling and happy and excited to be there. Brooklyn rules! In any case, I'd forgotten my phone, and I came back to find a message from my dad. He's nearly 65, and usually speaks in a very measured, deliberate kind of way. But this voicemail was breathless and giddy. Know why? Because this was the first American election he was eligible to vote in (he became a citizen a few years ago) and he'd done his civic duty. He was all, "So on the FIRST page was the vote for President. And then the SECOND page was for Congress. And . . ." Really.

I think that ties for most adorable he's ever been - the previous undisputed winner was him meeting me at the airport when I flew home after six months of studying abroad, holding a big bouquet of flowers that had a Snickers bar tucked inside. Awwww. My daddy loves me. And knows me so well.

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In other news, I've signed up for Yuletide, and I'm trying to work on some of the longer stories I've started (scene twelve of Ben/Dean, and "Generation"), now that I've posted the last birthday fic that was requested!

How are you all doing?