October 18th, 2008

dean only swings that way for ben

Ben and Dean: scene eleven (Dean/OMC, R)

Hi, everybody! Happy birthday, tenaciousmetoo! (Did you know it's Ben's birthday too?)

I apologize for the time I've allowed to lapse between the last scene and this one. My life has not been all that wonderful this year, mostly due to my job, and as much as I wanted to escape to the wonderful world where Ben and Dean live, it was hard to do.

About this scene: it's rough, and not all happy times. But if you can get through this one, I can promise you that scene twelve, which will wrap this series up, will be pure joy, with house-hunting and cross-dressing and boys more in love than ever. (My best thanks to janissa11, who assured me that this scene worked for her, despite my misgivings.) Picking up right where we left off . . .

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scene twelve
I have missed my boys!