May 23rd, 2008

the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

a game & some upcoming fic

I saw this game on musesfool's lj a little while ago but had no brainpower or time to play. I think the gist was - dream up a TV show, cast five actors, and then share the details.

I dreamt this one up last night in bed: Chiwetel Ejiofor and Gina Torres are the reigning couple, following some kind of coup or governmental overthrow some years ago. They've been ruling with intelligence, and some things have changed for the better. Some have not. Suddenly, a man no one's heard of, Hugh Laurie, shows up, claiming that the couple's rise to power involved nefarious means, and that he is in a position to offer a more honest rule. Suddenly, the country is a dynamic mess. Jensen Ackles and Vera Farmiga are two patriots? spies? agents? whose paths keep crossing.

Man, that was fun. Who else wants to play?

I've been immensely busy, and while most of the stress is job-related, some of it is about the fact that I'll be traveling by myself in a few weeks, and . . . I get nervous about stupid stuff. But! As if to compensate, my desire to write has come on strong lately. Here's a list of stuff I'm thinking about/working on:
(1) scenes eleven and twelve of Ben and Dean
(2) "Generation" - the bigbang story that I had to drop because it was getting too long and involved
(3) "The Taming of the You-Know-Who" - my actual bigbang, which is in dire need of edits
(4) birthday ficlets for people
(5) a funny pre-series casefile, where the boys have to take care of something while John's away
(6) an AU where John lets Sam go to Stanford, with the understanding that Sam will hunt with him and Dean over summer breaks
(7) a season 2 story set between the two halves of the finale
(8) an idea my mother, of all people, gave me, involving video games