March 17th, 2008

ad: now that's a matriarch

Gah! Why does this make me feel like a loser?

A few things that have been bouncing around in my brain.

(1) I totally, completely love the world Sarah Monette created in her Mélusine series. I love that she doesn't spend a whole lot of time worldbuilding, trusting instead that it's implicit in what she's writing. I've never read anything else that had two such sharply and immediately differentiated first-person points of view, which I think is quite a feat. And I adore that the characters are unsparing of themselves - it makes me think of Lord Peter and Harriet, who have been my standard for self-excoriating characters until now. And then I wonder if my enjoyment of the books is because I can see the characters as AU versions of Sam and Dean. And then I wonder - does that matter?

(2) So Jensen plays Mildmay in the movie version in my head. You know who else he plays? Jim Taylor from Philip Pullman's The Tin Princess. Oh, yes. Actually, wait, maybe I don't mean Jensen Ackles does this. Maybe I mean Dean Winchester plays these two characters.

(3) I'm feeling like a big fat loser (not a big svelte loser, because let's face facts here) because the story I've been writing for bigbang, that has been haunting me for over TWO YEARS (!), is at 6000 words and in no way going to be even close to finished by the time bigbang drafts are due. I finally realized this on Saturday night and decided to put it aside and try to work on something else for bigbang. I've got 1700 words of the new one, and hopefully I'll get that one done in time - though I must say that I envisioned this one clocking in around 10,000-12,000 words instead of the bigbang minimum of 20,000. Oh well. So that means the kind souls who volunteered to beta the original bigbang story (I'm guessing because of the premise I outlined) - that's girl_wonder and gretazreta - are off the hook. I don't want to hold you to doing beta work on a new story altogether, but I'll probably hold you to betaing the original story, whenever I finish it.

(4) I need a quiet night curled up with a book.