February 26th, 2008

ben loves dean

I don't know what to call this - an announcement? an open call? (Ben and Dean)

Hi, everybody!

I've been trying, since I finished scene ten and I got through NaNo, to write scene eleven of the Ben/Dean series. All I've come up with are notes. Very nice notes that make me happy, but they're just not coming together to form a coherent scene.

So I tried to think about why that might be. And I think I know at least one reason. Each scene has had a reason, something that could be summarized with a description: the one where Ben and Dean meet, the one where Dean tells Ben the truth about his life, the one where they decide this is a relationship, the one where they realize the Sam connection, the one where they realize how very alike they are, the one where Ben helps Dean with the supernatural, the one where Dean meets Ben's family, the one where Ben lets Dean go be the best brother ever, the one where Dean comes back, and the one where they defeat the enemy together. Even the one where Dean meets a friend of Ben's had a point (I think).

Now, I've got notes for scenes eleven (the one where they hash things out with Sam and John) and twelve (the one where they get their happy ending) and that's it. I can't really see where this series goes beyond that. I don't think it *does* go beyond that. And so perhaps my inability to write scene eleven is a way of putting off the end of this project, which I love so very much. Hmmm.

BUT. Since you guys have been so incredibly generous with your comments, and since I do feel like we're all going halfsies in Ben and Dean, I wanted to ask if you guys had any input. Is there something you've been wanting to see in a Ben and Dean scene? Is there something without which the series will feel incomplete to you? Obviously, I'm not promising anything here, but if you mention something I can work with that will fit with the ideas I've got (or, even better, make me re-evaluate my ideas), I'll do my best to write it.

Let me know!