February 17th, 2008

there are two kinds of light

"Only Opens from the Inside" (NC-17; Sam/Sarah, Sam/OMC) *complete* (1/4)

Hi, everybody!

Here's the finished version of the story I wrote for NaNo. The title ("Only Opens from the Inside") comes from a line in Mississippi Burning: "this can of worms only opens from the inside." It's future-fic, rated NC-17; it features Sam/Sarah and Sam/OMC. I wrote this in November/December, and there are spoilers through 3x07, "Fresh Blood." Nothing after 3x07 is used in this story.

I owe tremendous thanks to dotfic and janissa11, both of whom did a sharp, smart, and speedy beta on this monster. But I also am indebted to the folks who read the daily snippets I posted, encouraged me to keep writing, and who offered some theories about where the story was headed (I'll mention my very fave, which is spoilery for the story, in the notes at the end): apreludetoanend, pheebs1, gretazreta, smilla02, elucreh, tabaqui, deirdre_c, azephirin, iyalode, aithne414, bbrownsugar, and girl_wonder.

Complete, posted in four sections due to length (36,187 words). Breaking Dean's deal has consequences.

"Only Opens from the Inside"
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