November 20th, 2007

the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

NaNo: 20 (plus! things I got to hear today!)

Wow, today was weird. Actually, this whole week has been weird, but let me tell you why today was especially so. First, my cell phone went off while I was at work. That's fine, I have my own office, and occasionally someone will call that number instead of the work number, forgetting that I'm no longer a grad student and actually have regular (regularish) hours now. But I didn't recognize the number. Anyway, I picked up, and didn't hear anything for a second, and then I heard a little boy say "BOOBIES!" and then he and another little boy broke into delirious giggles. I immediately thought, "Aw! Winchesters!" and that was the end of that. Then tonight, as I was walking home from the subway station, I had the bad luck to have an incredibly annoying girl walking behind me, expounding her theory of the difference between American people and French people in great detail to her companion. Let me quote her verbatim: "So, like, Americans are like . . . peaches. Like, nice and warm and furry on the outside, but then there's like this really, um, hard . . . pit in the middle, you know? And then the French, they, they have this like rind, like Brie, you know that gross stuff? But then inside they're all warm and soft and creamy. And that's why L'Oreal is like that." WHAT? Is she a cannibal? Is she insane? Or is she, as I suspect, just a weirdo of the first water and maybe I should start walking with headphones to spare myself? Hmmmm.

Um, so, on with the update! (I feel I should mention that I'll be going to my mom's for the holiday tomorrow, and am unlikely to get back online until Sunday night at the earliest. So this is the last update for a few days.)

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