October 27th, 2007

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Drabble, NaNo, and other writing stuff

Hi, everybody!

(1) I just wrote a drabble for the "first lines" meme that I saw over in meredevachon's journal. Basically, the gist is - you take the first line of someone else's fic as the first line of your drabble. I'll put my own first lines behind a cut, below. In the meantime, here's what I wrote for her:

The message on his voice mail had been brief. It still made him feel old and helpless. Worse, he'd felt implicated; that had been his research that sent them out to the field.

"Bobby," Ellen choked, the rasp of her voice naming her without doubt, "Billy's dead. John just left here. I sent him up to you. Don't bring him to the funeral."

She'd cried then, and he'd heard it, in the time it took her to hang up. He couldn't picture her in tears, couldn't picture Billy dead either. But he could see John with guilt in his eyes.

(2) I signed up for NaNo and actually outlined my fic the other day - it's the Sam/OMC piece I've mentioned a couple of times. I was feeling kind of meh about it after I outlined it; the first bits are very clear in my head, but after that, it all gets very vague and handwavy. So I was considering not writing it after all, but then I had dinner last night with tenaciousmetoo, musesfool, and dotfic and came away with the idea that maybe just by starting the story, I'd gain enough momentum that the rest would come to me when it was needed. I sure hope so. I'm not trying to "win" NaNo or even hit a certain word count. I just think that this is the kind of story that might actually work when written this way - I tried this last year, and the result was "Nothing To See Here," a story that I found more satisfying than I'd originally hoped. So. I'm all set to make the experiment again.

(3) I'm toying with the idea of signing up for girlmostlikely's very cool spn_apocasmut challenge. One of the prompts (claimed, but open for sharing) fits in really nicely with an idea I've had for a Sam-het future-fic. But do I really want another challenge on my plate? I've got NaNo, two other long stories I'm writing, a birthday fic due early next month, and the next Ben and Dean scene too. Plus I think I'd like to do a fic for picfor1000 again this year; that's such a cool challenge. Encourage or discourage at will.

(4) Are we just not getting director's cuts this season? I'm not seeing them, and I'm not seeing any flist-y squee over them either. Hmmm.

(5) So, here are my first lines if you'd like to drabble.
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Have at it!
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Another drabble for the meme

Here's another drabble, for the first-lines meme I mentioned in my last post. This one's based on janissa11's heart-rending fic "MRSA," so of course I had to go and be silly about it. Enjoy!

It’s the kind of thing that happens all the damn time. Enough that Sam's come around to thinking that maybe it's better when they don't announce that they're brothers. Because even people thinking that they're lovers, giving Dean lascivious elevator eyes (that Dean acknowledges or ignores as the mood takes him, uses sometimes for the good of the case) and then turning to him and trying to figure out how he got so damn lucky and ended up with Dean has to be better than this. If he hears one more eager guy or girl say "Your brother's so brave . . ."