October 18th, 2007

dean loves ben

Ben and Dean: scene ten (Dean/OMC, NC-17)

Hi, everybody! Happy birthday, tenaciousmetoo!

OMG, the show wanted a Ben for Dean too! Ask janissa11 how much of an idiot I made of myself when I heard the kid's name. Go on. I'll wait.

New scene here, as promised, and it picks up pretty much where we left off (though the boys aren't still in bed). So. This is the big one, the one where Sam really is back, the one where I really embrace the AUness of these scenes, and the one that changes things permanently. I hope you enjoy it!

I owe janissa11 hugely for the inspiration for this part, and also for assuring me that I could actually pull this off. She is invaluable.

Finally, let me just say: OUR BOYS!

Sunshine State
scenes one and two
scene three
scene four
scene five
scene six
scene seven
scene eight
scene nine
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scene eleven
My OTP brings me joy.
me in springfield

"Bones of Shelbyville" (Supernatural/Simpsons crossover; Dean/OFC; R)

Okay. So, this will amuse maybe two people on my flist - no, wait, THREE! (Thank goodness I friended myself.) But I was giddy and mightily amused as I was plotting and writing this, and isn't that what really counts? The answer, of course, is no. Anyway, here it is, my (second) birthday present to myself - the unanticipated, no-one-but-me-was-waiting-for-it Supernatural/Simpsons crossover! It's rated R, and it's got a little het - Dean/OFC. As far as Simpsons canon is concerned, I wasn't a stickler about it. Basically, if it occurred during seasons 3-9 (the golden years, in my opinion), then it's fair game for this fic. In Supernatural terms, Dean is about 18, Sam 14, and John (as always) looks too young to be their dad. The only original characters in the story are Mme. Colbert (mentioned obliquely in "Sita") and Melinda and Esther. Anyway, enjoy!

(art by the awesome apreludetoanend!)
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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.