October 16th, 2007

the boys are beautiful

Ficlet fragment ("Five Times Sam Winchester Was the Coolest Guy Around")

It's been a rough week, and I'm totally scatterbrained right now. I just remembered I did a little bit of writing this weekend. Over at the win_non_con Writers' Workshop, one of the activities was writing a fic (or a section of a fic) called "Five Times Sam Winchester Was the Coolest Guy Around." I thought maybe we could round-robin it or get some cool fics out of it. I wrote one section during the workshop, and here it is.

His hand smoothes down the rough fabric of his tie and he hears Dean's voice in his head - dude, calm down, you got this, Sammy. No sweat. The buzzer rings and he quits looking for his brother in the audience of doting parents with camcorders and younger siblings looking bored and sullen, takes his seat next to Janine and Harry, and focuses on the moderator's lined face and silver hair.

The big blue and pink flowers on Janine's dress are quivering. Dean does that too, too much restless energy, pent-up unwillingly, and before he can even think about what a dumb move this is, Sam's got his hand on her thigh, stilling her unconscious movements. Her breath catches and she looks up at him with wide eyes; he looks back and starts to smile. She smiles back, surprised and happy, and he knows then that they've got nothing to worry about.

The next round zips by like a dream. "The exact geographic center of the country lies in which state?" Kansas. "What was the name of Lady Godiva's horse?" Aethenoth. "The lazy susan was named for the daughter of which inventor?" Edison. He is in the zone and there's no way he can get anything wrong. His hand is still on Janine's leg, and she curls her fingers around his. The buzzer rings again.

The moderator adjusts his glasses and sets his question cards down neatly on the podium. He turns to face the audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Samuel Winchester has achieved something unprecedented in the history of the Olympics of the Mind: a perfect round."

The moderator leads the applause and Sam feels his face go hot, his hand start to turn sweaty. Harry reaches around Janine to thump him on the back but Janine just hangs on to his hand. "You were amazing," she leans in close to whisper, her flower perfume trailing sweetly, and he was right - there's nothing to worry about. Dean was right too - you got this, Sammy.

(trivia borrowed from http://www.angelfire.com/ca6/uselessfacts/)