October 11th, 2007

dean has strong and lovely hands

Weekend fun! Giddiness for next week!

Hi, everybody! What's shaking?

If you're around to read this, I'm assuming you're not attending Wincon. Cool, neither am I! What I *am* doing is having fun at win_non_con all weekend long. On Saturday, from 10 to 5 (EST), the awesome dotfic and I will be hosting a writers' workshop and we hope you'll play! Seriously, there was major dorking out in the planning of this, so it should be fun. Friend the comm and see!

A heads-up: the next Ben and Dean scene, the big one (in terms of length and in terms of Sam's return) has been drafted and thoughtfully betaed. I have lots to do to get it to a place where it's postable, but I think I should be able to have it up by my birthday. Whoo!

I might also post a piece of UTTER CRACK on my birthday because it's an idea I've had in the back of my mind for quite some time and I woke up this morning with a couple of the scenes already pretty much written in my head. Awesome.

My last bit of writing news: I signed up for NaNo! This will be the first November that I don't have a massive deadline at work, so I figured I should take advantage of that. I'll be writing SPN fic for that - a Sam-centric piece called "Silk Road." My girl janissa11 pointed out that, for a hardcore Deangirl, I write a lot of Sam fic. She's not wrong. I'm just backwards, okay? Sheesh. Anyway, I was planning to post my daily snippets here, under a cut - no NaNo journal or anything like that. As always, feel free to ignore or comment as the mood takes you. I'm interested in the reaction this piece - a Sam/OMC story at its heart - will get.

Lastly, you should not trust ANYTHING I SAY because I have apparently gone insane. Or blind(er). Because I walk to the subway every morning and I pass a bus-stop ad that features a white person with kind of a layered bob haircut who's tilting on a stool in that "hey-I'll-be-your-bestest-buddy" manner that is supposed to ingratiate talk-show hosts to us. And I honestly thought, "Jon Bon Jovi is getting his own talk show? How strange!" And then I got closer and realized, no, that's Martha Stewart. (But seriously, when did JBJ and MS get indistinguishable haircuts?)