March 21st, 2007

the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

SPN Fics: "Undone" (Gen, R) - birthday fic for pheebs1!

So it's pheebs1's birthday today, and in honor of the occasion, I wrote a fic and a half for her. On my last birthday, she very kindly wrote me an absolutely hilarious bit of what she called not-a-genderswap - Sam is horrified to discover he's a BOY! Anyway, I loved the piece, loved the idea, and she gave me permission to run with it. Because it was a birthday fic, I wanted something fun and happy, but for whatever reason, it kept coming out angsty and hurt. Once I finished that, though, the fun version poured right out of me in about ten minutes. So, birthday girl, you get both! Picking up right where you left off . . .

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My best thanks to janissa11 for the lovely beta work.
As always, I'd love to hear what you think.