October 30th, 2006

the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

SPN crackfic: "Devil in a Yellow Dress" (R; Sam/OFC)

Okay, so. Here's a Sam/OFC crackfic that is inexplicable on so many levels. First off, I have no idea why it was Sam getting sexed up. Well, actually, I have a couple of ideas about that. One, because femmenerd and tjournal - two of the lovely ladies I met at the con - have been pretty vocal about Sam needing to get laid, and two, because Dean is otherwise occupied. Second, the OFC. Please believe me when I say you never saw this coming. I don't know what possessed me. Third, Sam is pretty bitchtastic in this fic. For no good reason! I'm plotting another Sam/OFC story, in which Sam actually does have to be bitchtastic, but apparently this one wanted in on the fun too. Now watch, the Sam in that story will turn out to be the fluffiest little lamb ever and this Sam will laugh his ass off at me. This takes place in the time between "Provenance" and "Dead Man's Blood." My thanks as always to the lovely janissa11 for the enthusiastic and lively beta work.

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