October 11th, 2006

dean believes his victory is pyrrhic

SPN REMIX! ("But Surely" and "Lacuna")

So! The remix fics authors have been revealed. What an awesome challenge it was, and I owe all sorts of thanks to the marvelous cathybites for organizing it and being incredibly gracious throughout the entire process.

First off, angstslashhope wrote an unbelievably brilliant and beautiful remix of my story "Lacuna", which must have been a bitch and half, but she's kind enough to say she had fun writing "Negative Space" (see, even the title is clever!). Honestly, I cannot say enough in praise of this story; please, please read it. You will be blown away.

Next up, my own fic. I remixed meredevachon's gorgeous and heartbreaking story
"Wayward Son," a first-season AU. I wanted to change not only POV (she did Sam, I did Dean) but also the style. Her story is written in a very natural, flowing style; I tried to make mine as stylized as possible, with lots of circling back, repetition with variations, and uncharacteristic terseness. I hope it worked. One of the things she left ambiguous in the original story was whether Dean knew of John's plan; my version makes it clear that he did, but that ambiguity is one of the strengths of her tale. Anyway, here is my very short remix fic - Dean just didn't feel like he needed to say very much. "But Surely" (PG, gen, character death) - my thanks to janissa11 and monkiedude for giving it the thumbs-up.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.