June 2nd, 2006

the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

hola, gracias, por favor

Hi, everybody!

Someone lovely nominated my fic "Lacuna" in the Lawrence Awards. And for "Best Dean," no less, which . . . thrills me, because Dean is my boy and I love him so very much. So even though I excused myself from the running, I'd still like to thank whoever took the time to nominate me. Show yourself - the power of Dean compels you! (And give me drabble prompts.)

In other news, I am going to Spain with not one, not two, but THREE beautiful boys in a month. We'll be in Barcelona for about nine days. Josh and I have been to Barcelona and Madrid before, nine years ago; Greg and Ed have not. As usual, the boys are dragging their feet when it comes to actually planning and since I'm, um, me, I want to have at least a basic idea of what we're doing. So, any suggestions? Recommend anything in Barcelona or its environs - train trips are fine - no matter how basic. Please?