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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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one final pimp
me in springfield
Hi, everybody!

I'm working from home for the second day in a row, as I've got a pounding headache that won't quit and I keep browning out. Possibly I should eat something. I've had a number of calls to make and emails to respond to, so I'm actually as busy as I would be at work, but I'm getting to do it in my pajamas, sort of sprawled on my sofa.

Last night, after I turned off the computer, having finally handed over a fairly terrible draft of my picfor1000 story to the long-suffering musesfool, I watched the Knightley/McFayden Pride & Prejudice, which I think was the only Austen adaptation of note that I hadn't yet seen - no, wait, Kate Beckinsale played Emma, right? Still need to see that, I guess. Man, did they get a lot wrong! Keira Knightley's expressions needed variety and Matthew McFayden's chest hair needed to be put away, but still . . . it's Pride & Prejudice, and I find it hard to turn off Austen characters. One thing I did find interesting was that Mrs. Bennet was sort of the energetic angel of the family - loud and obnoxious, sure, but really hustling to make sure she did everything she could for her girls.

In other media news, I'm now booked to see Seminar (Alan Rickman!) and War Horse (puppetry!) in the near future.

One last reminder before I shut up about it: sign-ups for sherlock_remix are ending tomorrow. If you're an author, an artist, and/or a beta, come and play!

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I did the exact same thing earlier and was like Why is my head throbbing?

*hugs* I hope your headache is better by now.

I kind of enjoy that version of P&P, mostly because I thought McFayden did a good job of playing Darcy as young and socially awkward.

Wow, I fail on answering comments, apparently! Sorry!

I did mostly enjoy the movie, and I think MM did a lot of "young and socially awkward" stuff really well - I just couldn't buy that it was Darcy who was being all inept like that.

Hope that headache eases off soon!

I want to play the remix game, but I don't qualify, boo. So I've signed up to pinch hit, and I'm trying not to get too excited in case I don't get a story to pinch hit!

I thought I'd answered all my comments - sorry for the delay!

I'm glad you get to play at remix!

Hope you feel better!

I also thought the movie of P&P was a mixed bag, and I think it papered over some of the flaws of the characters rather than showing them overcoming them or having to live with them. But even though this Darcy was not very proud to begin with, I found I kind of liked the interpretation of him as deeply sad. I loved the line they added about Gorgiana's heartbreak alongside that image of him riding through the dark woods. It brought home to me in a way I hadn't really thought about before how this man has just vicariously been through a very ugly, emotionally painful experience in his own family with a loveless, opportunistic courtship and it made me understand his reaction to Bingley and Jane a bit better, I guess.

Sorry for the long delay in answering!

Yes, I see what you mean about Georgiana being part of Darcy's sadness. It's funny how certain adaptations will play up parts of a character or plotline in a way that makes them feel new. I wasn't particularly enamored of the recent Romola Garai/Jonny Lee Miller Emma, but I thought the beginning, which showed all of these small children (Jane, Frank, Emma) having their lives irrevocably changed by the deaths of their parents, set an interesting tone that resonated throughout the mini-series (for me, anyway). I can more easily buy Darcy as sad than inept, and this film seemed to want to make him both.

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