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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Strategy (Sherlock / R, gen: Sherlock + John + Moriarty: 221B)
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Hi, everybody! I hope the day is treating you well!

I've got so much going on and no brain with which to do any of it. So instead of my natterings about Stick Fly and Red Tails, both of which I saw with the awesome musesfool or thoughts about the weather and my life, this will be a post about Sherlock and its actors. (I swear that by the end of the day I will have a draft of my picfor1000 fic done, and that I will put up an encouraging post over at sherlock_remix. Really.)

First up, the third in my series of John-centric second-series-based 221Bs. Spoilers for 2x03, "The Reichenbach Fall."


The quid pro quo for Sherlock getting those hours at the Baskerville facility - hours he had used to test the limits of John's friendship - was that he had to accept all of the publicity that came from his rapid-fire solving of seven-and-above cases. Why exactly Mycroft wanted that, John had no idea. Perhaps he wanted to see his brother, not on CCTV monitors, but in living colour, basking in praise.

John sipped his tea and considered. Sherlock had been suspiciously compliant. Yes, he'd complained, but it was mostly under his breath. Was it possible that the two of them were working together, putting Sherlock's face in the papers at least once a week, letting his sonorous voice ring out on the nightly news?

Had to be, John thought, watching as Moriarty did much the same, evidently unwilling to allow Sherlock the lion's share of publicity. He kept his flexible face immobile and smiled for the cameras. Sherlock had made himself a target; Moriarty had responded.

Only it had all gone wrong somehow. John watched Sherlock turn on the roof as if Moriarty was egging him on and then spread his arms like wings and jump. It was a graceful descent and John could not blink or breathe. He pushed off, feet slapping the pavement, and then suddenly there was a bike -

At some point, I really will pull all of my thoughts on this series of Sherlock together. In the meantime, so you don't keel over from holding your breath, have a joke and a vid starring a young and lovely Martin Freeman.

In America, it's "Marry, Fuck, Kill" and in England, apparently, it's "Shag, Marry, Cliff." You see where this is going, right? I saw somebody on tumblr (I think) answer the SMC question (contestants being John, Sherlock, and Lestrade) with the absolutely amazing response of (paraphrased) "Cliff Sherlock. You know he can survive being thrown off any cliff, thank you Reichenbach!" Now, maybe I just need to get out more, but that made me laugh and laugh.

And here's the vid! Isn't he gorgeous?

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Ha ha ha ha! Cliff Sherlock!

I've always known it as Shag, Marry, Cliff as well. I've never heard Marry, Fuck, Kill... that's... well.

Can I shag and marry Martin? Or is that cheating.

Your 221b's are gorgeous baby.

I'd want to shag, marry, and then probably cliff Sherlock! *g*

Hee, yes, that seems like a logical progression!

It is cheating, but John's worth it!

Thanks, sugar!

I've finally worked out what a 221B is! And I enjoyed this.

Sherlock had made himself a target; Moriarty had responded.

Exactly - it had to be deliberate, surely.

Oh, sorry for being cryptic about the form!

And yes, I couldn't figure out why John was allowing all of these articles and photographs, until I thought maybe he wasn't the one pulling the strings.

I read one story and really wish I could remember where (I might even have rec'd it—I need to index those!—but I think I didn't) where John's answer was:
Marry Sherlock, because it wouldn't be any different than their life together was now;
Shag Lestrade, because he was the only one who wouldn't kill John for doing it;
Cliff Mycroft, because he'd either float down on his umbrella or be saved at the bottom by minions. (Sherlock was quite happy at the choice of "cliff" for Mycroft and then disappointed by the explanation.)

I liked that answer a lot.

That joke made me laugh so hard. I think the fic you're looking for is here, right?

loved all three especially the first, and the short video was really fun

Thanks very much! And yes, he's so dreamy in that vid!

Ahahaha, cliff Sherlock! Brilliant.

That short film/music video is lovely; thank you for sharing. He is wonnnnnnnnderful. <3

Oh, Martin Freeman, how are you so divinely delicious?

And yes, that joke just made me howl.

That was a neat 221b, thank you. And I really enjoyed the vid you linked to -- I love Johdi May, too, and seeing her and Martin Freeman smiling on a bicycle together kind of makes my day :)

It's nice to see MF and JM in a sweet little moment, though I must admit their much darker and kinkier relationship in Nightwatching was also pretty amazing to watch.

And thank you for reading!

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