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Hi, everybody!

Apparently I'm dealing with my feelings about the new eps of Sherlock through 221Bs rather than proper episode reaction write-ups, but I will get into a little bit of what I've thought of 2x01 and 2x02 here. Spoilers for "Hounds of Baskerville" in the ficlet - the scene that begins in the graveyard.


Born to be on stage, that one, and dangerous for the way he so recklessly mixed truth with his little tricks and traps and taunts. That nearly-apologetic gulp, combined with the drawing close of his coat's lapels as if he wanted to burrow down in a comforting nest of blankets, were precisely timed to appear to be involuntary rather than the opening salvo of Sherlock's campaign to reconquer the territory he'd marked in his brain as John. It would be words next.

When they came, coupled with an intense glare from that paper-white face, John's already meagre supply of patience had dwindled down to nothing. It was interrogation first, as if Sherlock had to work his way up to speaking of his emotions; it was masterfully done, and John felt a lunatic urge to applaud.

Until Sherlock tried the worst manipulation of all: "I've just got one," he confessed like a lawyer in an American novel, voice throbbing with a plea not to let justice be lost. John knew he was meant to melt at the words, to feel the glow of standing alone in Sherlock's heart, but he burned at that moment for Mycroft, for Mrs. Hudson, for Greg, whose face was a billboard for the crimes Sherlock had committed against him and whose ring-finger was, on Sherlock's word, bare.


I don't think this is spoilery, but I've been not as happy with this series as I was with the first. I'm aware that my expectations have been staggeringly high, but I don't think I'm faulting the show for failing to live up to them, but rather for failing to live up to itself. Much as it pains me to say it, I don't think Benedict Cumberbatch is doing very well this time - I've seen some manic overacting that seems to be responding to the critical adoration the show has received. (Of course if it turns out that he's playing Sherlock responding to his greater notoriety, I will be put in my place very nicely.) The absolutely pure good news is that Martin Freeman is doing such perfectly splendid work that I just want to rewatch over and over again to see how he's pulling it off. I was very pleased that he won the BAFTA last year; I will be flabbergasted if he doesn't win it this year. He is amazing.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.
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