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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Addict (Sherlock / R, gen: Sherlock + John + Mycroft: 221B)
modern mythology, more than meets the eye, bamf, steady and strong
Hi, everybody!

Join me in wishing one of the bright lights of the Sherlock Holmes fandom - kate_lear - a very happy birthday!

Kate, in honor of your big day, here's a little 221B for you. Spoilers for one of the promo scenes from "A Scandal in Belgravia."


It had been months since they'd seen Mycroft, and John had forgotten how quickly the sharpness between him and Sherlock could escalate, but nothing in all of the previous encounters (Mycroft doing his level best to remain suave and worthy of the office he refused to admit he occupied) prepared him for the real anger that the two of them threw at each other, as if they were regretting only that they didn't have vials of vitriol handy.

Mycroft planted one shining shoe on the hem of Sherlock's theatrically pristine, classically draped sheet, leaving his brother naked before the man from Buckingham Palace, and John felt as cold as if he'd been the one exposed. Sherlock's rage was evident from the way he spit out the following words, but John could hear no other emotion creating an undertone in his voice. There was no shame, no humility to Sherlock at that moment. It was all fury.

And that made John wonder how Mycroft could have done it. He himself could never have betrayed Harry like that, but Mycroft had made it the work of a moment, a product of pique, to put a mother-naked Sherlock on display, every pinprick that dotted the thin, ruined skin of his left inner elbow standing out in sharp relief, because Mycroft had stripped him bare.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Hey honey! Thank you very much for my birthday fic, I love it :) I love this different take on That Sheet Scene In Buckingham Palace, and the little angsty, bittersweet reference to marks on Sherlock's arm that he might, perhaps, NOT be so comfortable displaying. I've re-read it several times, and I'm sure I'll be back for several more :)

This is SO late, but I'm glad to know this gave a tiny boost to your birthday! And yes, I was very concerned about Sherlock's arm in that scene (and later thought of Sherlock's arse as well!).

Hee! It definitely did. And yes, Sherlock does have a very nice bum ;)

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