kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

I'm all blushy again

Oh, you guys! What a lovely birthday I had, thanks to you!

There was a present from oxoniensis and v-gifts from deirdre_c and ariadnes_string and kate_lear. And emails from kate_lear and oxoniensis and dotfic. And an e-card from my birthday twin tenaciousmetoo. And a post from aelfgyfu_mead. And comments from rinkle and pheint. And there was fic, too!

musesfool wrote the most adorable Middleman story: The Pompatus of Love. And ariadnes_string wrote about John in ALL his glory in Three-Continents Watson (I think she posted early so I could catch my breath by my birthday). I know there's at least one more story coming, so all I can say is WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much!
Tags: birthday, real_life

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