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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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I'm all blushy again
quintessence, organic, music in the cells
Oh, you guys! What a lovely birthday I had, thanks to you!

There was a present from oxoniensis and v-gifts from deirdre_c and ariadnes_string and kate_lear. And emails from kate_lear and oxoniensis and dotfic. And an e-card from my birthday twin tenaciousmetoo. And a post from aelfgyfu_mead. And comments from rinkle and pheint. And there was fic, too!

musesfool wrote the most adorable Middleman story: The Pompatus of Love. And ariadnes_string wrote about John in ALL his glory in Three-Continents Watson (I think she posted early so I could catch my breath by my birthday). I know there's at least one more story coming, so all I can say is WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much!

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Thank you! And thanks for that icon too - I had forgotten the glory days!

Happy Birthday! Sorry this is late. Hope you had a fabulous one.:)

Happy belated, sorry I missed it! Still not around as often as I probably should but far to busy with RL.

No problem - I'm glad to hear you're busy and happy!

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day xx

OH NO, I can't believe I missed your birthday. D: Sending you many hugs and best wishes, although slightly belated! *hug!*

No worries! I had a great day, and I'm up for a hug from you anytime!

(Deleted comment)
Hey, Gin! Thank you so much, sugar!

Eeep, I suck! Happy [very] belated birthday!

(I haven't been on LJ much recently, except for, uh, writing the occasional anon CP ficlet. I've just been working, then coding for the AO3, then sleep and back to work, and getting very flu virus that passed by me.)

No suckage, no worries! Being fluish is absolutely no fun - I hope you're better in time for your birthday!

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