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The Good Wife & real life

I don't think this is a spoiler - Will was WORKING that pink shirt with his broad shoulders, yes he was. Don't even try to deny it. Will Gardner, I find you so intriguing, and that's only partly because you're played by Josh Charles. (Though I think Diane is actually my favorite. Well, Diane and Eli, who got to say "cheese" again.)

I went to the theater yesterday to see Lobby Hero, written by Kenneth Lonergan (the guy who wrote You Can Count On Me. It's a very talky play and for the most part quite well done - each of the four characters gets to talk and persuade and generally gets a chance to shine. The lead actor was especially interesting, both in his looks (he kind of straddled the goofy-hot line that Jeremy Renner dances across, though he went more goofy and Renner goes more hot - hello Jason Walsh!) and how very good he was at making his lines sound like he was improvising and telling stories on the fly. I'm not going to recommend the show whole-heartedly the way I did with Cymbeline, but it was good.

It was in a very tiny theater, and in the crucial last five minutes of the play, the phone of a woman near me went off - she had it buzzing instead of ringing. She didn't bother to try to turn it off, so the last five minutes of dialogue were undercut by this rhythmic buzzing. Which, WHAT THE HELL, LADY? I got out to the elevator after the show was over and she came up to wait next to me. I pulled out my phone to turn it on and she actually looked me in the eye and said, "Can you believe my phone started ringing like that? At least it was the end of the show." And she smiled at me. Let me reiterate: WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?

I did some writing on Friday and Saturday - I wrote two female-centric Sherlock fic(let)s, which made me feel quite good. I'm trying to write a longer piece for a pal over at the Fall Fandom Free-for-All (oh! have you all read the first fic written in response to one of my prompts? Go, read - you will NOT be sorry to see John Watson in all kinds of action!

I'm taking the next two days off - my dad is here for the week - and we're planning on being deliciously, indulgently lazy. Tomorrow we're going to the movies (Moneyball) and then for an early dinner and then on Tuesday the plan is to not leave the apartment at all, just lounge around in our pajamas. I bought myself a ridiculously indulgent birthday present: a cello. It's my favorite instrument to listen to and I've always wanted to learn it. I took violin lessons when I was very young and then piano through high school (and very haphazard voice lessons for a year), so I can read music. I hope I can get to the point of playing some simple tunes just from exercise books. I'm definitely not going to schedule lessons until I know I can put in the kind of time and effort that would require.

I want to know more about this "modern-day Sherlock Holmes" idea that CBS is working on. Someone give me some scoop, please. It sounds totally unnecessary, and yet, if you'd asked me ayear and a half ago if we needed the BBC version, I would have said hell no. So maybe it will all be okay?

I'm occupying hours at a time with elaborate Yuletide calculus and drawn-out sherlock_remix planning. Two of my three Yuletide nominations are sewn up: Cabin Pressure and To the Ends of the Earth. But that last slot is making me stop and consider. Should it be Walking and Talking for the fourth straight year, as I hope someone out there will write me Amelia/Andrew fic? Catherine Keener and Liev Schreiber, people! This should not be such a troublesome request! Or should it be something else? If you've got thoughts on this, feel free to share.

Anyway, how are you all doing?
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