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Hi, everybody!

Apologies to those of you whom I owe an email - between being sick and being overbooked, I haven't made time for you, because I suck.

I saw a fantastic production of Cymbeline tonight - put on by Fiasco Theater company right next to the gelato place at Barrow St. and 7th Ave. New Yorkers, get thee hence! It was a very pared-down version, with only six actors who doubled roles and all sang and most played instruments too. They were all gleefully inventive and workmanlike, both qualities I admire and which I haven't seen on stage often enough. And they looked like they were having fun, which is, sadly, pretty rare for a company doing Shakespeare.

TV this season has been such a miss for me. I'm not watching anything on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays (I have to dl Supernatural) and while I like the home-parts of Up All Night, the show isn't doing anything new or amazing. Though HELL YES to the fourth season and a movie for Arrested Development! I will wear cutoffs and a Shemale shirt for as long as I have to to witness this glory. I'm glad, too, that my two favorite shows from last season - Community and The Good Wife - have come out swinging.

I have exactly two weeks to write myself a birthday story! It's totally unlike me to have more story ideas than actual stories in progress, but that's my situation right now. I can think of one Sherlock story and one Cabin Pressure story that would make good birthday stories, but no idea if I have the time to do the ideas justice. tenaciousmetoo, got any requests?

What are you guys up to?
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