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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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me in springfield
Hi, everybody!

Apologies to those of you whom I owe an email - between being sick and being overbooked, I haven't made time for you, because I suck.

I saw a fantastic production of Cymbeline tonight - put on by Fiasco Theater company right next to the gelato place at Barrow St. and 7th Ave. New Yorkers, get thee hence! It was a very pared-down version, with only six actors who doubled roles and all sang and most played instruments too. They were all gleefully inventive and workmanlike, both qualities I admire and which I haven't seen on stage often enough. And they looked like they were having fun, which is, sadly, pretty rare for a company doing Shakespeare.

TV this season has been such a miss for me. I'm not watching anything on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Fridays (I have to dl Supernatural) and while I like the home-parts of Up All Night, the show isn't doing anything new or amazing. Though HELL YES to the fourth season and a movie for Arrested Development! I will wear cutoffs and a Shemale shirt for as long as I have to to witness this glory. I'm glad, too, that my two favorite shows from last season - Community and The Good Wife - have come out swinging.

I have exactly two weeks to write myself a birthday story! It's totally unlike me to have more story ideas than actual stories in progress, but that's my situation right now. I can think of one Sherlock story and one Cabin Pressure story that would make good birthday stories, but no idea if I have the time to do the ideas justice. tenaciousmetoo, got any requests?

What are you guys up to?

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If this company travels, do catch the show. They also do free acting workshops, which is not my scene at all, but might be yours!

Ahem. Thee is in singular.

I've seen... I saw a one-man puppet show of Othello in Cambridge way back when, but it wasn't very good. I did see a one-man puppet show of Hamlet in southern Sweden many years later, and it was BRILLIANT.

I've found some pretty good new shows; for instance A Gifted Man, but then I've studied cognitive neuroscience and it appeals to me for other reasons as well. Plus, the cast is amazing. :-) Haven't seen more than about half of TGW 3x01.

Me, I'm feeling great! Chaotic, but never better, actually. :-) Actually, I owe Ten an email, too. Will get back to that soonish...

I liked the pilot for A Gifted Man but couldn't see how that would turn into a weekly show. And I couldn't stop thinking of Patrick Wilson as Will Arnett's brother and wondering just how different the show would be if he'd been cast instead.

My experience with live Shakespeare performances has been so hit-or-miss. I'm really pleased to have seen another good one.

Glad you're well!

I hope you're feeling better! *hugs*

Cymbeline sounds awesome - I love it when the whole ensemble is clearly enthusiastic about the production! And I must tell you all about Anna Christie (and try not to dwell entirely on how amazing Jude Law's abs are)!

I'd heard about an Arrested Development movie, but I didn't know about a fourth season - that is fantastic news!

I felt better for about twelve hours, and then I got sick again. Grrrr.

Please do share all about Anna Christie! And yes, I've seen some really horrendous Shakespeare productions, so it was lovely to find one that was smart and fun and took on the challenges of a problem play without ducking them.

Season 4 news!!!! Though I fear that announcement does not adequately hide the show's thunder.

Argh, so sorry you're poorly again. Try to get some early nights if you can, rest up as much as possible.

I mean to write a theatre post sometime soon. I'm actually dithering about going to Stratford this evening, to the Swan Theatre - there are a few decent seats left, for The Homecoming, which has had some great reviews. I just can't quite work up the enthusiasm for an evening of Pinter, somehow. *dithers some more*

Thanks for the link!

Not sick, on no!

Arrested Development = it's great news indeed.

Sick, oh, yes. Though hopefully not for much longer - we should get together at Kashkaval and swap DVDs soon!


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