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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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catching up
family, gorgeous, woman
Hi, everybody!

A few people have poked me to make sure I'm still alive, which reminded me how very overdue a post was. There's been a lot going on, not much of it terribly exciting, but still.

HOME: a plumber I've been chasing for over two months is deigning to visit later this morning. Let's see if he can fix my guest bathroom sink, which will not give me water no matter how the faucet is adjusted. The boiler, meanwhile, still keeps shutting itself off (even after a second "let's try replacing the motherboard!" fix), which means my washer and dryer are still in the middle of the hall (to give access to the boiler) and I haven't been able to do laundry for more than two months. The laundry service I've been using isn't as expensive as I'd feared, but they have zero idea about customer service and all my bras come back mangled and/or torn. They're supposed to do another pickup tonight and I currently have my bras soaking in my kitchen sink; I've learned my lesson.

STUFF: Saw Jerusalem with tenaciousmetoo several weeks ago. - Saw my first Sweet Soubrette show (the lead is a friend) at the Folk Art Museum last night and left a little early to catch a dreadful production of Patrick Marber's Closer. I walked out at intermission, which is the first time I've done that, because the two male actors seemed to be doing nothing more than robotically reciting lines. The female actors seemed to have more of a grasp of acting, but the whole thing felt depressingly amateurish. - Went to the US Open twice - once for a night session that wasn't particularly exciting, and again for the men's semifinals, which was an amazing day of tennis. I only wish my boy Rafa could have pulled out the win from Djokovich, but I do admire him for being so gracious in defeat. - I've been reading a lot, on the train as I commute, and have read some really good stuff lately. Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? was a stunning read. - Waiting for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy to open over here. Waiting to see if the release of The Immortals prompts anyone to show The Fall, because I'm dying to see that on the big screen, as many times as I can. - Tried and failed to get tickets to next weekend's Arrested Development reunion event.

JOB: No access to lj or gmail at work, so I'm feeling a little out of the loop, but I am busy at work, which is always appreciated. There's stuff to do and I'm on my way to being good, really good, at it. I still like the people I work with, though there's not very much contact; the work is very individual. I did just find out that I could ask to work out of our London office, and that wouldn't count as time off, so I might need to do that soonish. Hopefully the offices there are not as brutally air-conditioned as the ones in New York. - I'm still doing freelance editing for an online press. I like the author I'm working with now, but don't particularly want to keep doing this work for the money they're paying. I think my contract with them ends in a month or two, so they might say that they don't want to keep me anyway, which would be fine.

FANDOM: I've been meaning to make a post over at sherlock_remix to get a sense of whether there's interest in a second round, and also to ask for input on some of the ground rules. - I'd like to do some writing, but I'm either busy, exhausted, or sick every time I try to give myself a few hours of free time. - John Finnemore's birthday is next week and I'd meant to organize a Cabin Pressure drabble-thon or something for the occasion, but I've lost all energy. I did sign up for oxoniensis's Fall Fandom Free-for-All and am hoping that that gets me going. - I also need to write myself a birthday story, and it's odd that while I've had no inclination to actually write, I've been coming up with a lot of story ideas - all Sherlock and Cabin Pressure and To the Ends of the Earth. Usually coming up with an idea is like pulling teeth with me, but suddenly they're popping up like mushrooms. - Very pleased to hear the Frankenstein DVD is coming soon. Waiting on the edge of my seat for the next series of Sherlock. - Got a copy of SPN's premiere, will most likely watch it today. So excited Community came back two nights ago after I marathoned season 2 on my very timely DVD. So excited The Good Wife is coming back tomorrow night!

So, that's me, or at least everything I can remember right now. How about you?

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Very pleased to hear the Frankenstein DVD is coming soon.
It is? Yay! \o/

Also, I still haven't gotten my hands on the new series of Cabin Pressure.

It is, apparently! Guess what I'll be buying the minute it's available?

I have series 3 of CP - do you need downloads?

Yes please! Caught my not so subtle hint, did you?

(And suddenly I am very glad I bought a region-free DVD player.)

Hey! ♥ The new job sounds great.

I'm racing through the last batch of S2 of The Good Wife this weekend, hoping to be caught up for the season premiere.

It's going well, which is very nice indeed.

Did you get all caught up? What did you think of the premiere?

I'm all caught up, I loooooove this show.

Fascinating to watch how Alicia changes and evolves each season. So many great characters, although Kalinda is probably my favorite, although Eli Gold may also be my favorite.

Yay for updates! :D And yay for working out of the London office, wow, that is a great way to get away for a bit without, you know. Getting away. And boo for mangled bras. It's the little things in life that make the difference. *g*

The bra-mangling made me want to go all Lucille Bluth on their asses, but I lost the will to fight. All I need is for my own washer and dryer to be restored!

I'm so excited about planning London excursions - so many more than I could actually achieve! Still looking to get to La Jolla over Christmas (though not until ticket prices come down significantly), so maybe we could catch each other in person then?

Oooh, I would love to meet up while you're here! :D That would be lovely. Please email me when you know what dates you might be free - I have family coming to visit during the holidays, but I'm not sure exactly when, either. Hopefully we can find a day that would work for both of us.

*waves at you*

Bummer about the sink/boiler thing! Yeesh. Hope it's fixed soon.

Show was delightful - hope you enjoy it! I watched later on a dl as the Bebe had Color Guard performance at the football game, so we all walked over to watch. There were funnel cakes! All good.

Glad you ain't ded. :) Sounds like things are going pretty good, overall, so yay!

Hey you! Glad you're up and about and feeling better!

I watched the show, but I actually can no longer keep track of what's going on or what motivations the characters have anymore. I think the end of season 5 is when I stopped having that Winchester guide in my brain. I wish I still felt wholly invested in the show - I've gotten so much out of it and the fandom.

Oh, i wish you did, too! I loved season six so much - so noir and strange, but in the end, all good - and season seven has started us off with a delightful kick.

I'm feeling much better, but still going slow - no need to push! My innards didn't work right for fifteen+ years. They need time!

Hey! Glad to hear that all's okay, although crazy-busy from the sounds of it. Hope you manage to sort out your home jobs that need doing - that sort of thing is always annoying to have hanging around.

Really really annoying! Plumbers just left after visit #3 - need one more, apparently, before the sink is fixed. Boiler might be fixed - I'm at that "keep an eye on it" phase again. We'll see.

Glad you're around - poke me if you're writing, okay?

Oh God, that DOES sound annoying! Hope it gets sorted.

And I gather from the John & Lestrade blogs that you're feeling under the weather *hugs* Hope you feel better soon.

*waves* hey you!

glad you've been busy in mostly good ways! I can't wait for TTSS either, or for the new Sherlock series (or for the new Sherlock Holmes film, for that matter).

a couple of your prompts at the Fandom Free For All look very intriguing--*ponders*


I wasn't a big fan of the first Ritchie film, but I do like the energy that comes into fandom that has something fresh to work through. I do hope the second film does better by Irene and Mary.

I'm glad you're intrigued!

Hiii! Missed you!

Thanks for linking to the Fandom Free for All, I'd have missed it otherwise!

*general hugs and glomps* (And ohh, working in London? Go for it! :D)

Hey there! Hope you're doing better with your own job and waiting (again) for more CP, or at least more John Finnemore.

Glad the FFF sparked something for you - I hope you get something awesome!

I need to plan London carefully - figure out when the next unmissable thing is and then go. It's so much fun to plan!

I have this sad Murphy's Law feeling that we're not going to get a Christmas special this year, just because I'm here and I could have gone to it, with a bit of luck. *g*

But if you're ever in London and want to meet me, please do ping me an email? :) <3

Of course I will! But wait, does that mean you're permanently in London now?

I hope so!

That's why I said I was doing things backwards - first there should have been a long post explaining how I got to be here (other than "I hopped on a plane" ;) ), but... I was too knackered to type one. Tonight or tomorrow, maybe. /o\

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