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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Pull that tube out of your nose and let's get it on
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Clips of Jeffrey Dean Morgan from three eps of Grey's Anatomy. A word about these clips. Each one contains all of his scenes from that ep, but I cut pretty ruthlessly. If the scene ends with four seconds of Izzie looking at Denny but you can't hear or see Denny, then those four seconds won't be in my clip. It's sort of the reverse of the Troy McClure Principle: "If that's what they took out, what they left in must be pure gold!" Got it?

ep 1
ep 2
ep 3

Leave a comment if you download, please.

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Thank you so much! I downloaded all three, as I can't seem to find torrents for all the episodes to watch in their entirety.

Sorry I can't help with that, since I get the eps, cut them into the clips I want, and then delete. Glad you got at least the JDM scenes!

Haven't looked at these yet, but I'm sure I shall and you rock.

Wanted to tell you, I've started a fic with your 'exultation of the fight' sentence in. Hopefully will work out ok, we'll see. It kind of fits with a pre pilot idea I've been playing with. Would you like to beta/help guide this on it's way (you do give excellent guidance) or be presented it entirely done, being as it's sorta a gift for you? :)

Thanks so much for posting these-- I downloaded all three. Do you have any plans to do something similar for Ep 4 (Superstition)?

You're welcome. Yes, I'm planning to do the same for all of JDM's appearances on the show; it just takes me a few days to get hold of the ep and a few more days to find the time to cut it down.

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