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catching up on the first morning of a lovely three-day weekend

Hi, everybody!

I'm temping at a place that has blocked access to gmail and many other websites (though not John Finnemore's blog, on which I'm all caught up), so I'm feeling very out of the loop. I've been meaning to make a post in any case, but this will have to be short(ish) because I want to spend today making edits to my casestory fic.

So - in the past few weeks I've seen two plays: Larry Kramer's The Normal Heart and Christopher Fry's The Lady's Not for Burning. Both were outstanding. TNH is about the first days of the AIDS crisis in New York City, and as such is terribly hard to sit through without feeling battered. The actors are superb, particularly Joe Mantello in the lead role of Ned Weeks. There are some fangirl faves in the cast as well - Luke MacFarlane (though he's barely in it), Jim Parsons, and Lee Pace. I don't know The Big Bang Theory except through fannish osmosis, but Jim Parsons is clearly tremendously talented and brings definite flair to the campiest role of "southern bitch." And Lee Pace - my reason for going - is lovely as Bruce Niles, absolutely tortured by maintaining his professional demeanor when there are fears and doubts coming to the forefront of his mind. On a shallower note, and to quote Casey McCall, Lee stands out physically from the rest of the cast, standing at least half a head taller than the rest and being the only one who's always in a suit (usually without a jacket, just waistcoat and pants, mmmmm), and his legs go all the way to the ground.

TLNFB was played in a much smaller venue, which suited the text. I'd never seen a Christopher Fry play before, and I found the language very appealing. There were definitely some performances I believed over others, but the three hours moved quickly and I kept finding fic titles in the dialogue (I need to get a copy of the text).

Um, what else? I got tenaciousmetoo to watch the first three eps of Pushing Daisies and went home and watched the rest myself. Man, I miss that show terribly. I decided to indulge my nostalgia by rereading the Mordant's Need two-book series - I adore how complicated the plot is, and how justified all of those complications turn out to be. I had a series of dinners with lovely people this week. I booked tickets to see Third Star with other lovely people, and I'm very much looking forward to that.

I still haven't watched the season finale of Supernatural and I missed about five episodes of Castle (though I did watch the finale because it got such strong responses from my flist). I finished Chuck, which I'm still very fond of without feeling as bound up in it as I was through the first three seasons; I'm glad they know what their end date is, and they should be able to wrap things up satisfactorily. And I am all caught up on my two favorite shows, Community (though I missed one ep somewhere along the way) and The Good Wife. People, if you're not watching these two, I highly recommend that you start. I've been watching both since the beginning, and it's been a joy watching the characters - and the shows themselves - grow and develop and become surprising.

And today is my day to catch up on my flist and work on my fic for casestory. I got such smart, thought-provoking comments from my three betas on that fic, and I want the finished story to justify their hard work. Plus I'm very fond of the story myself. Case fic is hard for me to write, so I was both excited and intimidated by the challenge; I know I can't wait to read the other fics to come out (multifandom, posting starts June 10). My posting date is June 17, and my artist is a composer, so I'm intensely curious about what she'll produce too - it should be amazing. And then I need to turn back to my holmes_big_bang draft, currently at 4200 words - I'm finally writing that John-and-Vee story I keep alluding to in other pieces.

And it's gorgeous out - low 80s, breezy, and bright. I hope you all are having a lovely weekend, and I'd love to hear how you're doing.
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