kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

Supernatural fic and a crossover revelation

So I'm writing pages and pages of my Dean/Cassie fic (tentatively titled "Lacuna") and I end up crossing out most of it a day later because it's all too expository and not what I want to get at.

While I'm struggling with that fic, I keep getting ideas for new ones. One I managed to pawn off on the long-suffering monkeydom and another she turned right back around and handed back to me. Damn it. But now I've got a fourth idea running around my brain, giggling like a loon, taunting me. Hey, Supernatural? I get it. You own me. Please stop being so inspiring. I've still got a Firefly fic and two Veronica Mars fics languishing half-finished on my hard drive.

And here's my fifth and latest germ for a Supernatural fic, which I present to anyone who wants to run with it. I spent the weekend at my best friend's place and I brought along Shaun of the Dead since I knew he hadn't seen it. I can't believe I didn't remember that the pub in which Shaun and his friends find refuge on Z-Day is THE WINCHESTER, named for the rifle that hangs above the bar. Crossover fic potential, I see you! Maybe Shaun and Liz visit America on their honeymoon, since I can't condemn Dean (poor Dean!) to a transatlantic flight?
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