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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Supernatural fic and a crossover revelation
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
So I'm writing pages and pages of my Dean/Cassie fic (tentatively titled "Lacuna") and I end up crossing out most of it a day later because it's all too expository and not what I want to get at.

While I'm struggling with that fic, I keep getting ideas for new ones. One I managed to pawn off on the long-suffering monkeydom and another she turned right back around and handed back to me. Damn it. But now I've got a fourth idea running around my brain, giggling like a loon, taunting me. Hey, Supernatural? I get it. You own me. Please stop being so inspiring. I've still got a Firefly fic and two Veronica Mars fics languishing half-finished on my hard drive.

And here's my fifth and latest germ for a Supernatural fic, which I present to anyone who wants to run with it. I spent the weekend at my best friend's place and I brought along Shaun of the Dead since I knew he hadn't seen it. I can't believe I didn't remember that the pub in which Shaun and his friends find refuge on Z-Day is THE WINCHESTER, named for the rifle that hangs above the bar. Crossover fic potential, I see you! Maybe Shaun and Liz visit America on their honeymoon, since I can't condemn Dean (poor Dean!) to a transatlantic flight?

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So when can we see another SN fic? Come on come on! :)

I know what you mean though, I have about 4 started fics that I think are finished then I play with them again.

Hey, there is a Winchester pub in London, though the one in Shaun of the Dead isn't it!

I'm writing "Lacuna" (Dean/Cassie) and "Think It Through" simultaneously, and since "Think" takes place over only a few days (it's Dean's thoughts throughout "Faith") and "Lacuna" takes place over a few weeks, "Think" will probably be done first, hopefully pretty soon, maybe in a week or so?

Since we're getting a hiatus after the 2/28 ep, I'm planning to do a lot more writing and some vidding (I've got about five full-length songs and four credit-sequence song clips picked out) then.

Oooh vids! Hey - do you know of a place I can read how to do vids? Only cos the song 'Boys will be Boys' by the ordinary boys reminds me of sam and dean and I'd like to amuse myself by making a video (it won't be any good).

Could I please ask you to beta something for me again? Dakota is betaing a couple of things, but I hate to pester her with a third! It's only a shortie. If you need any help with owt in return, I'm happy to help!

I look forward to reading your new fics. and wow to all the response you (deservedly) got for vocab, you must be stoked!!

I will gladly beta anything for you.

I figured out Windows Movie Maker on my own after noticing it on my computer one fine day. If that's the program you're using, I can certainly give you a quick tutorial. I don't know of any site that explains how to make vids; sorry.

And hee to the Winchester!

Ha ha, I have windows movie maker. I'll have a go and pester you with questions. Didn't even know I had that!!

And thanks, I might send something over tomor when I've had another look. You are kind.

Hmmm... that's a good one! Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite films.

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