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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Bricoleur 4/4 + art by ptelefolone!
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away

The storm of emotion in the music peaked and then began to diminish, thick chords giving way to single, languid notes, as if the melody were winding itself up into a neat little bundle, and in no more than three minutes, Sherlock let his violin and bow down into the rest position.Collapse )

As always, I'd love to hear what you think!

Yay, excellent ending.

The bad guy's sorted, so Harry can relax \o/. I liked Sherlock's transformation into Escott and how it got them the information they needed.

My favourite thing was the John/Sherlock relationship and your characterisations of them. It's easy to see why people think they're together when Sherlock allows John into his space and his cases so easily. I liked the casual closeness, the touches, John quite literally feeding Sherlock on several occasions, Sherlock leaning on John on the sofa, John disliking Milverton eyeing Escott so covetously. I think you caught them both very well.

I've mentioned before that I liked how you had Sherlock a bit more solicitous of John, but I also liked how John wasn't quite sure how to react to it: On the one hand, it was nice to be considered so highly in Sherlock's somewhat self-absorbed mindset, but on the other, it was a bit chaffing at times, given that John is quite capable of looking after himself.

Also, I enjoyed some of their conversations with the snarking, teasing and general dry wit.


Thank you so much for the kind words - I'm really pleased that you liked this version of Sherlock and John, and I find your reading of John's hesitant acceptance of Sherlock's new regard totally fascinating.

That was a fantastic fic. There are so few mysteries in fandom, it's always a treat to read one. And this one was especially good. Thanks for sharing!

That is very kind of you to say - I'm so pleased that this worked for you! Thanks!

Brilliant. I enjoy asexual!Sherlock/straight!John when it's written well- and this is. Just lovely -voices, Vee, Clara *hearts Clara*- all just grand.

Oh, I'm so glad to hear these kind words! (And that you loved Clara, because I totally fell for her as I was writing her!) Thank you so much.

This is fantastic on so many levels. The story flows easily as you read along and is just wonderfully written, Sherlock and John as in character as it gets, and the secondary characters come to live as if it were the easiest task in the world.
And it was a case-fic, with asexual!Sherlock and straight!John, handling their special connection perfectly. Doesn't get any better than that.

Well, you basically wrote canon here, you know that, do you? ;-)

Thank you so much for sharing this story.

Oh, that's is so lovely of you to say - I really can't tell you which part of your comment I love the most. Thank you very much!

Ahhh I loved this. :D Thank you!

I'm so pleased to hear that - thank you!

This was a lovely story. I loved how true to canonical Holmes your Sherlock was without losing the sharper edges he got in the BBC version. John's exasperated affection for Sherlock when he's ill was brilliant.

Also loved all the delightful little details of John & Sherlock's domestic arrangements - John re-rinsing the one non-toxic mug, John trying & failing to do the hoovering... And the image of Sherlock as Jabba the Hutt combined with Little Red Riding Hood still has me giggling!

If Moffat & Gatiss do a re-telling of the CAM story I hope they do it half as well as you've done here! Thanks so much!

Oh, thank you so much! I love that the BBC versions of the characters really do feel like the canonical characters I fell in love with so long ago, though, as you said, with sharper edges.

I'm really pleased that both the affection and the exasperation came through for you in John - I was hoping that I wouldn't mess up the balance between them as I wrote. And yes, the infamous Jabba Red Riding Hood image wouldn't leave me alone!


I quite liked this a lot! I'll admit that, as a serious author myself, your superior vocabulary irritated me more than once. Immensely. ((I apologize if the style in which I'm writing this reminds you too much of your own--I read the whole thing in one sitting, and so have accidentally internalized your style for a while. 8DDD;;;; But it's a very good style, so I suppose it's not all bad. XDDD ))

I really only do anything with Sherlock Holmes for the interaction between Sherlock and Watson--the mysteries are great, but I really adore those characters and the way they interact. And you portray that beautifully--the scene with the hair-cutting was rather amusing and endearing, and a lot of the little quips were well done, too. I do NOT ship SherlockXWatson, but I must admit their relationship has always seemed a bit more than friends (without any actual sexual intent....? I'm not really sure how to describe it), so the scene with Escott seducing Milverton was done very well, and showed that aspect a bit--Watson wasn't actually interested in Sherlock with that sort of mind set, but he was also... aware of it, I guess? I don't know, it was very interesting.

Speaking of which, that part might have been one of the most amusing, AWKWARD things I've ever read--not because it done poorly, no, you did a great job on it and portraying it as this weird moment, and.... the idea of BenedictCumberbatch!Sherlock seducing ANYONE is just.... D8

Overall, I really, really enjoyed it. 8D

Thank you for the compliment on my writing style - I know I can let my sentences get much too long and complicated!

Absolutely, the relationship between John and Sherlock is the draw of any version of Holmes canon, and I prefer them to love each other absolutely without any sexual desire for each other. (Sherlock, I think, doesn't experience sexual desire at all, and John's is awoken only by women - that's my reading of them.) I'm really pleased that this came across to you in the haircut scene and the Milverton scene.

Glad you enjoyed this. Thanks!

Yay! Another wonderful fic of yours. <3 Your style is really great, you know. I am slowly reading through all the entries in the community, so I hope to find more of your works.

I'm so pleased you're enjoying my stuff! By "the community" do you mean asexy_sherlock? If so, then yes, you should see all of my Sherlock stories (except the one I wrote for sherlock_remix over there. It's a great comm - happy reading!

Awesome voices, all around. I really enjoyed this! :)

That is fantastic to hear - thanks!

I really enjoyed this fic. It's always lovely to get a good take on side characters, and I absolutely love stories that involve either Sherlock's or John's families.

It's really refreshing to see different types of relationships portrayed well--I guess a lot of people must think that the only way John and Sherlock could truly be together would be if they were both sexually attracted to men, and that's a shame, since it leaves out so many other options. As someone who's asexual himself, I'm glad to see it done well, in a way that shows that the author seems to understand that not all aces are the same, and that not all relationships including aces are the same. I'll definitely be checking out more of your fics.


Thank you so much!

Part of the reason I'm so smitten with this adaptation (to which I had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, after being burnt by the Ritchie versions of Sherlock and Irene in particular) is that Sherlock here seems very believably asexual, and not in an immature way. That's the way I've always seen the canon character, and so that's how I write him (except for my remix fic), so hopefully you won't find anything disappointing if you want to read anything else by me.

Part of the challenge, of course, is that completely aside from Sherlock being an ace, is that he is a huge pain in the ass, being dramatic and narcissistic, lacking so many of the people skills that John has. So I think it can be very easy to fall into the trap of pretending those character traits just aren't there in favor of working out what it means to be writing an asexual character with a close relationship to one other person - I'm so pleased you think I didn't stumble there!


Loved it - the plot, the characters & their interactions, the retelling of a classic story... and especially the feelings between all of them, and Escott :-)

Escott was SO much fun to write! As was the rest of the John+Sherlock relationship, actually. Thank you!

I came here from a link from y0do's art.

Fantastic. I enjoyed this so much.

Isn't the art WONDERFUL? Thank you so much!

I had been craving a modern Milverton and this hit the spot perfectly! This is my headcanon relationship- straight John and asexual Sherlock who are still completely devoted to each other- and that came through perfectly and was a beautiful read. The transformation to his disguise was amazingly written- I have never read better- and I read a ton of fic. I also like how you made Sherlock unaware of lust-driven scent. That was a very nice touch, to reinforce those tiny things that make an asexual see the world just a bit differently. Three whole thing was well-thought-out and your attention to detail made this shine. Thank you for pointing me to it on another board.

Oh, I'm so pleased this worked for you! And that you were on board with the depiction of Sherlock's asexuality. The Escott transformation was one of the draws of writing this story, so it's nice to hear that worked. Thank you very much!