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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Dean's birthday, Sherlock Remix, and Art
yeah let's never do that
Hi, everybody!

I just closed down sign-ups over at sherlock_remix. We've got four artists and twenty-five authors playing, and three more kind souls who are on call as pinch-hitters. This should be good, provided I can be good about match-ups.

It's the first January 24 in years that I've not had anything Supernatural either posted or in my mind somewhere. Happy birthday, Dean. You'll always have a piece of my heart.

So, as you may know, I'm still in San Diego visiting my brother and helping him set up his new place. I went for a walk this afternoon while he was at work and visited a bunch of art galleries. One of them had this piece up for sale:

It's a Mucha lithograph of Sarah Bernhardt, but tell me that doesn't look like Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock. Don't you want to write me some Sherlock AU now? Or maybe weave that into the Sherlock/Thursday Next crossover I requested?

Hope you're all doing well!

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Hi hi! I didn't know you were in SoCal. We are having lovely weather, just for you. *g*

Hi! I didn't know you were here too! It is unspeakably gorgeous, and even though I love my little apartment, I will be sad to go back to Brooklyn (my NCY flisties' posts have not helped - they are all bewailing how cold they are). Tomorrow is my last day here - no chance I could meet you, is there?

I wish there was, but I work 7-5 tomorrow and then have class at 5:30, so there is no way. :( But if you are ever back San Diego way (which I'm sure you will be!), drop me an email and I will drive down!

That would be amazing! And if you're ever out in NYC, do let me know!

That is one of my very *favorite* Mucha pieces. :)

That piece is totally new to me, but I stood in front of it for about ten minutes, at which point one of the shop assistants told me the price and I scampered out of the store.

Oooooh, where were you? Not a lot of places sell high-quality reproductions of his stuff.

I've got every book of his art i can get my hands on - i love it. It's what i've got tattooed on my back. :)

It's a gallery in La Jolla, CA. I could probably get you the name and contact info, if you're interested? I think they mentioned that this piece would be somewhere around $400.

Oooooh, man. I love La Jolle.

And no, thank you, though i'd love to say i could fly right out and browse. :)

Wow, what do you know, it does! Renaissance!Sherlock, rather lovely. :)

(Icon in honour of Dean, even though I'm still stuck back in time at the end of season 5.)

Season 6 is not particularly compelling, so you might want to stay at the end of season 5.

But YES, I'm so glad you see the Bernhardt/Benedict connection! Very lovely indeed!

Season 6 is not particularly compelling, so you might want to stay at the end of season 5.

How can you even claim to like Dean Winchester, much less stan him all over the place as you do, when you'd choose to stay at the end of S5 where the person Dean loves best in all the world (actions from S4 onward almost always completely to the contrary) is in Hell for eternity? What is wrong with people like you?

Seriously - how is my opinion hurting or even affecting you in any way? But since you've bravely and anonymously demanded to know what is wrong with me, the answer is: nothing.

I haven't seen this Mucha before and I thought it was Sherlock fanart when I glanced at the thumbnail before reading the post. The resemblance is uncanny.

That's exactly what I thought when I was wandering around the galleries! I was all, wow, that fanart is GREAT!

~mortmere over on DA did a fanwork to that poster

Mucha was ahead of his time *G*

Oh, I'd seen that fanart, but didn't realize it was Mucha! eeeeeeee!

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