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pics and fics coming up!

Hi, everybody!

I've been traveling again and I'm still not home. In fact, I am basking in the warmth of San Diego. Anyway, once I'm back in Brooklyn, I'll post pictures from New Mexico and California.

But did you know that the lovely oxoniensis is currently running the eleventh Porn Battle? And did you know that despite the title, if you come up with something that is more romance than smut, or more friendship than sexytimes, you can still post it on the PB post and that no one will say, "But where is the porn?" Because the point is, the more fic, the better.

I love the Porn Battles because I'm always pushed to write something I'd never have considered otherwise - at least half the fandoms in my master fic list post are only there because of past PBs.


Better Off Ted, Lem/Lucy, sexy times, scientific principles, that thing Phil mentioned, glasses
Better Off Ted, Ted/Veronica, power outlets, haircut, sharp suit, holding hands

Cabin Pressure, Martin, singing
Cabin Pressure, Martin, Martin copes with his family and his family copes with him

Cold Comfort Farm, Flora/Charles, experience, off the page

Inseparable (short film), Joe/wife, unmistakable, illness

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Harry/anyone, rainy, misogyny, delivery service, sofa, water

Life, Charlie/Dani, fingertips, shaggy, sunlight

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Michael/Delysia, rough around the edges, Grubb, good intentions, fedora, pianist, fingers

Possession (2009 movie), Roman/Jess, new world order, palimpsest, A for effort, sweeter

Sherlock (BBC), Irene/John, remember

To the Ends of the Earth (miniseries), Edmund/Miss Granham, propriety, shapely, education is never wasted, little brother, governess, knowledge
To the Ends of the Earth (miniseries), Edmund/Marion, at last, while the music plays, fevered dream, transgression
To the Ends of the Earth (miniseries), Edmund/Charles, unrequited, unconscious, fresh air, bath, delicate, yearning

Touching Evil (US), David/Susan, silence, smile, weariness, juggling
Touching Evil (US) - Susan/Mark,restless, shoes, blond(e)

Tropic Thunder, Kirk/Lincoln, how does it feel?, overthinking it, method acting, got it all worked out, sexual history

The Unusuals, Casey/Davis, dynamics
The Unusuals, Jason/Alison, soundtrack, cooking, somewhere between in and out

Walking and Talking, Amelia/Andrew, black leather pants, second time around, third time around, shopping, make the move to DVDs, family

Wonder Boys, James/Terry, wide-eyed, smile, dentist, bruise, nectarine, green, hair

So go play! I've got my eye on prompts from twenty-four fandoms. Oh, yes.
Tags: prompts, real_life

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