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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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a little list
john, thoughtful, sweet-faced
Hi, everybody!

People are being so nice about my way-out-of-my-comfort-zone fic. Thank you, fandom!

Sign-ups for sherlock_remix are now open! Please go play!

I've been in NJ since returning from Spain to be with my mother, who needed to go to the hospital for a procedure. We were told on Friday that she has nothing to worry about, and only the tiniest of lifestyle adjustments to make. It is SO GOOD.

Since we've done nothing fun together, we went to see The King's Speech yesterday morning. I whole-heartedly recommend it.

I'm still looking for work and not hearing so much as a peep in response to the many resumes and cover letters. Hire me, dream job - I know you're out there!

How are you all doing?
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Glad that the news was good for your mom! Always scary, hospital stuff.

I'm looking forward to The King's Speech very much! I hope it comes here.

We? Are good. Chilly. They say snow - we shall see!

Oh, good! We got hit by a snowstorm the morning she was supposed to go into the hospital, so it seemed like they might have to postpone the procedure, but other than the doctor showing up late due to snow, everything went well. Do you like snow?

You will adore the movie. My mom doesn't like to sit still for long enough to watch a movie, but she was riveted throughout.

I adore snow. I dunno if we'll actually get any, though. People are all 'omg, snowpocalypse!!' but it's just damn cold out there so far.

All good thoughts for your mom. :)

Well, then, I hope you get just enough snow to enjoy!

It sounds like we're going to hit again on Wednesday and then on Monday-Tuesday. Considering I've already shoveled my mom's driveway twice just from last Friday's snow, this does not bode well.

And thank you!

I'm glad your mom is OK! And my fingers are crossed for your job search—such a draining process. :(

Thank you so much, sugar! How is law school treating you?

It's terribly draining, and it has NOTHING to do with my actual job performance, so it's frustrating and draining at the same time!

How is law school treating you?

We're duking it out for one last semester. :) I am also doing the job-search thing, although probably less intensively than you are since I haven't graduated or taken the bar yet. (GRADUATION! OMG! I seems like I just moved here!)

Hi, honey! I'll be back in Brooklyn on Friday - I'm so looking forward to being home!

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