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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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"The Benders"
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Just wanted to record the stats we were given:

5/2/83 -
6'4", 180-190

1/24/79 - 3/7/06
6'4", 175

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Mmm, I saw. Must say the official police stats are a bit off. ;-)

Oh, definitely. But still, I've been curious about the boys' birthdays, so I hope these stay constant.

LOL, Dean is SO not 6'4"! Especially if they're saying Sam is 6'4" too ;-)

Huh. So Sam's essentially a year "behind" in school, then, right? -- although I guess this isn't news, since we knew he was a baby in 1983 when the fire happened. Still. Interesting. I wonder if he started late, or if he took longer to finish school b/c they moved so much, or if he took a year after he graduated to go to Stanford.

I think you're right. Sam is a year older than he should be if he's finishing college in four years. A few explanations present themselves:

(1) he took a year off between high school and college (seems unlikely because haven't we been told that the John/Sam fight happened when Sam was eighteen?)
(2) wherever they were living when Sam started school didn't take him at the right time
(3) Sam lost a year due to moving all around the country
(4) Sam was held back for academic reasons
(5) Sam was held back for social reasons
(6) Sam wasn't enrolled in school at the right time
(7) currently my favorite theory: Sam was taking five years as an undergrad rather than four because he was on the soccer team and practices and games took the place of one class every fall semester

I don't remember them mentioning the fight happened at 18 (but it's been a while since I've seen most of the eps, so you may be right). Or ... it could have still happened at 18 even if he was a year out of HS, because he would have gotten accepted before May (when he turned 19).

Regardless, re #7: oh mah LORD you have to write Sam-as-a-walk-on fic. You MUST.

Hee! Feel free to take that idea and run with it. If no one's seized it by the time I'm done with my Dean/Cassie fic, I'll give it a whirl.

Hadn't even twigged that that meant Sam was a year behind in school. I guess cos they moved as you say.

That's for recording these Kunju. I find the 6'4 Dean thing veeeeeeeeery funny.

Yeah, there must have been some fine print we didn't see. But it does help explain why Kathleen didn't cotton on to the fact that Dean was sitting right in front of her, even given the weirdness of the "Handsome, though" comment.

Dean totally messed with the records to make himself seem as tall as his baby brother.

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