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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Crossover Poll
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Poll #1662903 Crossovers That Are Clearly Not kunju/sanity
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The Brothers Crane meet the Brothers Winchester! I'm not sure who would be more horrified.

Ha! I think Niles's pinched little lips would win that round!

See, I think Fringe and Supernatural are an INEVITABLE crossover. Although I now have to go read yours; apparently you posted it before I fell in love with Fringe.

Agreed - from what little I saw of Fringe, it seemed tailor-made for such a crossover!

Never in a million years would I think of Frasier and SPN. That has to be one of the crackiest I have ever heard of.

That is unless you did SPN with My Little Pony.

Ha! If someone requests that for Yuletide, it will be written, surely!

i've actually seen spn/simpsons somewhere...

Yes, musesfool linked me to one that had the kids hunting, I think. Why isn't everyone writing this crossover?

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Did you say Supernatural and The Simpsons?

Re: Did you say Supernatural and The Simpsons?

That's just AWESOME!

Re: Did you say Supernatural and The Simpsons?

Anybody willing to write the fic can feel free to use that image.

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Re: Did you say Supernatural and The Simpsons?

Too bad mine was pre-Castiel (and pre-series)!

Re: Did you say Supernatural and The Simpsons?

OMG where IS it?????

Re: Did you say Supernatural and The Simpsons?

All the poll answers are links to the fics, but in case they're not working for you: http://innie-darling.livejournal.com/78801.html

I don't know what Frasier is, but my standards for crossovers, the crackiness thereof must have become pretty lax... *g* I ticked the one on grounds of geographical difficulty, rather than out and out crackiness. ;)

And I still think lots of fandoms could and should travel with MJN... :D *very subtle hint*

You would really like Frasier! It's a sitcom about a very fussy, haughty psychiatrist (whose little brother is just like him, only more so) who invites his cantankerous, blue-collar father to live with him. It's very witty and rapid-fire - a lot like Cabin Pressure.

And I definitely want to write more CP - it's just a matter of being properly inspired!

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