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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Vid award!
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Whee! One of my Veronica Mars vids, "Elvis" (set to Elvis Costello's "Veronica") won an award!

Best Character Vid

And my Dean/Cassie fic is progressing - slowly but surely.

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That is so cool! Congratulations! And I will be very interested to read your take on Dean/Cassie.


Hopefully this fic won't take too much longer. What are you working on?

What are you working on?

Heh. VeronicaSpeedwell's coining of the term "Deanamajig" started and evil little plot bunny running around in my head. Problem is, I can never seem to really catch them. ;-D

"Deanamajig," eh? Sounds intriguing! As you hunt, let the boys be your inspiration.

Congrats Kunju, and indeed, I await the fic with interest. Wynterwolf, hee I loved that phrase 'deanamajig' interested to see what you do with it!

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