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Hi, everybody!

I'm once again in crankypants mode, though I wasn't yesterday and most likely will have snapped out of it in about an hour. I just keep seesawing between being fine and being depressed and I'd really like to stop.

So. What's been going on with me: Cleaned up my draft of my 20K fic for sherlockbigbang. Wrote three Yuletide stories (one not quite full-length) and had very good conversations with my lovely betas. Betaed four Yuletide stories, which was a lot of fun - it's always nice to get a sneak peek at some good writing. Drafted a story to be posted on January 6, Sherlock Holmes's birthday. Started writing two original stories, a To the Ends of the Earth story (Benedict Cumberbatch!), and three more Sherlock stories. Signed up for picfor1000 and talked a friend into doing the same. Started organizing things for sherlock_remix. Have been discussing more Sherlock fic with a writer I'm betaing for. Read all the Sherlock fic that's posted to comms and not as comments to a meme. Smiled at a picture of Martin Freeman as John Watson (hands in pockets, big smile!) and grinned at a .gif of Benedict Cumberbatch dork-dancing.

I've been unemployed since (technically) the end of October and I've been sending out resumes and cover letters like crazy, and two days ago I had my first interview. No one else is even calling or emailing back to express an interest. It is mightily discouraging. The interview went well, sort of. At least, the second and third people I met seemed to like me; the first, not so much. We'll see what happens there. And the unemployment office sent me a letter demanding an interview with me tomorrow (December 23! REALLY?!?), so I'm in town for a little longer.

After that's over, I get on a train to my mom's, and then she and my brother and I go off to Spain for five days. We planned this trip just before I got laid off, so now instead of splitting the cost of it with my brother, he's paying for everything. I feel stupid for feeling guilty about that, but I can't seem to talk myself out of it. I'll be without internet access (most likely) from 12/24 - 12/30, so I'll miss most of Yuletide, not to mention the Cabin Pressure Christmas special. And I'm not getting any comment notifications from Hotmail, so I'm already feeling out of the loop.

After Spain, I'll be staying with my mom for a while to help out with some medical stuff she's going through. And then I'm flying out to New Mexico and California on tickets bought with airline miles to visit a grad school friend and then help set up my brother's sweet new pad in CA. I want to do all of these things, but I'm also aware that I won't see my apartment for over a month, and that's making me anxious.

I want to end this on a happy note, and saying that I'm waiting for the plumber to come by to fix the guest bathroom sink is not the way to do it. Hmmm. Oh! I adore my brother's new girlfriend! There!

Now tell me good things that are happening in your lives, please! Or if you need to vent like I just did, feel free.
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