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Yuletide letter


I should say first off - thanks! I think you're nifty to write something in a tiny fandom we share!

I'm fairly catholic in my tastes; I read and write all of the following: gen, het, slash, humor, horror, angst, character-driven pieces, plotty pieces, AUs, canon-compliant fics, and more. I swoon for humor. I adore quietly sorrowful stories. And I quite enjoy romance (and prefer it to smut, though I don't have a problem with smut that's in character). I'm not terribly fond of crossovers - the ones I do like are ones that stay fairly true to both canons, and the characters are thrown together more for plot reasons than just for PWP reasons (also not a fan of PWPs). I don't really enjoy unremittingly dark fic, and I don't want anything with a terribly unhappy ending, threesome, or heavy kink, please.

Here's my master fic list, if you'd like to see the kind of things I write. I've got an "on writing" tag that might also be useful.

Please don't stress over the details - I'm crazy about these four shows/movies - just think of the characters I requested as mostly suggestions. Details follow.

Cabin Pressure - Martin Crieff, Arthur Shappey: My favorite ep is "Johannesburg," in large part because Martin and Arthur got to run off and have an adventure together without being squashed by either Carolyn or Douglas. I am very fond of Carolyn and Douglas, but my heart belongs to Martin and Arthur. I love that they got to sing, and that they bonded, and would like to see more of the world being good to them. Maybe they run off on a road trip together? Maybe Arthur wants to get into the moving-van business and becomes Martin's partner? Maybe they bond over being the sons of men who never appreciated them? Maybe they pick up two girls, or two boys, or a boy and a girl, and shack up somewhere? The point is, I love them. And if you do too, tell me more! (And if you were one of the lucky ones who saw the taping of the Christmas special, feel free to spoil me rotten for that ep.) [I've written in this fandom, if you want to see how I conceive of these characters.] [D'oh! I should have said, I have the source material available for download! season 1 and season 2]

Tropic Thunder - Kirk Lazarus, Lincoln Osiris: Tell me anything about Kirk creating Lincoln, Lincoln overwhelming Kirk, Lincoln taking on a life of his own, the way that eye color affects vision, anything! It might be particularly hilarious to have Kirk working out who Lincoln is going to be as he's being all monkish for Satan's Alley. Or maybe there's a Hollywood lunch at which the notion of giving Kirk the role of Lincoln is broached. Whatever you want to do, I'm sure it will be hilarious.

The Fall - Alexandria, Roy Walker: This impossibly beautiful movie does not have nearly enough fic. If you want to write the story of Roy and Alexandria while they're still in the hospital, great. If you want to write the AU of how the mini-bandit changed her "father"'s story when she showed up in the desert, go for it. If you want to write the story of Roy flashing Alexandria a secret sign in all his future films, please do. Just anything with these two and the love that they have for each other would be wonderful. [I've also written in this fandom, if you're curious.]

Walking and Talking - Amelia, Andrew: These two goofballs are magic together. I don't have a strong preference for when this is set - it could be before or during their first relationship, during that "just friends" phase, or in their second relationship - though I am pretty curious of how they managed to make it work the second time around. Do they have couple dinners with Laura and Frank? Do they escape to the lake house or do they stay in the city? Does Andrew get how hard it was for her to lose Big Jeans and Laura at the same time? And what is going on with those leather pants?

Thank you so much! I know I will adore whatever you send my way! Just so you know, I'll be away when the stories are posted, so I'm going to be slow to respond. Don't fool yourself into thinking I'm not saying anything because I'm struggling to come up with something nice to say - I'll have the opposite problem of not having enough room to say all the thanks I'll mean!
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