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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Quick Like a Bunny (Sherlock/Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) (PG-13, gen)
ace, that coat, straight out of a romance, lithe, sherlock
Hi, everybody!

The idea for this story popped into my head as I was finishing up my Irene Adler fic, but I didn't think I'd really write it. Two days later, I had it drafted. Big thanks to my lovely betas, octette and kate_lear, for willingly wading into this insanity. Thanks also to endgame, whose post on the flat's layout proved tremendously helpful.

It's rated PG-13 for language, and it's gen, despite the machinations of Mrs. Hudson - Sherlock is asexual, John is straight. But it's still a love story.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

*Snort* Friends poking their elbows all over you.

Thank you so much for sharing this! It's hilarious and I love John and Sherlock's relationship.

Thank you very much - glad you liked!

i loved how you presented they love without the need for sexual acts.

That's totally how I read this Sherlock and John, and it makes me so happy. Glad you liked!

Loved it! The way they all conspire in their own way yet so sweetly to make events reach their conclusion! It's great how you sketched each individual character so economically yet they all ring true.

I'm so pleased that the balance of the story worked for you - thanks!

re: Quick Like a Bunny (Sherlock/Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) (PG-13, gen)

Love it! You have all the characters down pat. :) And I can hear their voices when I read this, always a good sign.

Re: Quick Like a Bunny (Sherlock/Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) (PG-13, gen)

That's always my goal - to be able to hear the voices as I write - so it's very nice to know that it works on your side too! Thanks!

Well written and a nice look into John and Sherlock's relationship.



As an asexual, I have to admit, I was weary reading this, because people tend not to understand or get things "wrong" while writing.

I must admit, you had my pleasantly surprised! So, hooray for you!

"Spare me the protestations," Sherlock snapped. "It's not a waste, I won't 'change my mind' when 'the right one comes along,' and I'm not repressed or frightened. I am simply uninterested." This line is so utterly perfect, because that argument is one I've heard many a time while trying to explain myself.

*sighs happy*

Their love is forever true.

Thank you for this ♥

Well, I'm very pleased that this worked for you - I really see this BBC Sherlock as staying true to Conan Doyle's asexual character, and that's one of my favorite things about the new show. You might find more fic you like over at asexy_sherlock.


here because you inspired my Secret Santa author and I had to read the fic the ingenious food ideas came from! enjoyed this very much, especially the happy ending.

Thank you so much! I'm very glad it worked for you!

Quick Like a Bunny by Innie Darling (PG-13)

User chibifukurou referenced to your post from Quick Like a Bunny by Innie Darling (PG-13) saying: [...] people messing with Sherlock's life) the lack didn't really hinder the story. Quick Like a Bunny [...]

Excellent idea, and perfectly executed! <3

That's very kind of you to say - thanks!

(Deleted comment)
That's so nice of you to say - thank you very much!

Man, I love this.

For that alone, John would have offered his thanks. He hugged Thom, got a smacking kiss on the cheek, and left Sherlock happily conversing with the skull about what experiment to run on the soundproofing first.


The thing is, Sherlock's a cat in a human world. We're all stupid and pet him too much, don't appreciate when he brings us dead bodies, except for John, who, as you pointed out, can stay and make him tea.

Great job with the Queer Eye guys too-- they can be abrasive and occasionally overwhelming, but they were really kind to John through this, for the most part, and I would pay money to see the actual finished episode they managed to cut together for this.

Heeeeeeeee! I've seen the kitty!Sherlock theory around, but this is the first time I've had it explained so cogently!

Thank you so much - I'm really pleased you enjoyed this. (And I'd love to see the episode too!)

I like this very much (and I've never even seen "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" -- I only had the vaguest idea what it's about, but I definitely get the drift), but one thing really clanged...

I see you've had enthusiastic endorsement from an actual asexual, but I'm afraid that to me the language here ("It's not a waste, I won't 'change my mind' when 'the right one comes along,' and I'm not repressed or frightened. I am simply uninterested.") just doesn't sound like something Sherlock would naturally say -- it sounds as if it has been quoted verbatim off some website: undigested research, in other words. (I'm not sure if we've ever heard Sherlock himself describe his attitude as 'asexual': I privately suspect that his disinterest in the subject is so profound that he hasn't even come across the concept. Most people haven't, unless they go looking round the Internet in a spirit of agonised 'what's wrong with me?'... which Sherlock certainly wouldn't!) This section sounds as if he is quoting from a pre-prepared script -- giving the standard 'coming out' talk -- and Sherlock doesn't do anything as conventional as that. I feel it's an authorial info-dump speaking, not the character.

John is not quite as painfully dense or boring as the rest of humanity. He can stay and fetch my tea coupled with He knew quite well that Sherlock counted him as his only friend rings much more true: I can hear Sherlock proclaiming that he is simply uninterested, I can't hear him launching into the Asexual Manifesto. Sorry!

I hear what you're saying - I put the lines into the story and left them there after much thought for the following reasons:
(1) Sherlock is very sure of himself and supremely self-confident. But that's now. I don't know if I buy that he's always been like that, much as I like the idea of even wee!Sherlock turning his nose up at concepts like "normal" and "peers." So I actually can see him finding information on sexualities, though I agree that it's hard to imagine him turning to research in a spirit of anguish and "what's wrong with me?"; it would be more likely that his curiosity about everything meant that he'd read about sexuality as soon as he started hearing playground whispers, so by the time puberty hit, he was prepared and knew what was going on.
(2) In the context of this story, Sherlock is not saying those things in order to be out and proud as an asexual. He's saying them because it's the most efficient way to shut Jai up - I wanted the sense of Sherlock having heard all of this before to be clear to the reader, along with his polished little explanation of why the other person is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! (to quote Sherlock's texts from A Study in Pink). Essentially, he's dumbing it down, knowing it might not work but still preferring voicing those thoughts to having to hear from an outside party (whose business it is not) what his relationship with John should be.

Does that make sense?

In any case, thank you for liking the story and leaving such thoughful feedback!

That is so nice to hear! Thanks!