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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Quick Like a Bunny (Sherlock/Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) (PG-13, gen)
ace, that coat, straight out of a romance, lithe, sherlock
Hi, everybody!

The idea for this story popped into my head as I was finishing up my Irene Adler fic, but I didn't think I'd really write it. Two days later, I had it drafted. Big thanks to my lovely betas, octette and kate_lear, for willingly wading into this insanity. Thanks also to endgame, whose post on the flat's layout proved tremendously helpful.

It's rated PG-13 for language, and it's gen, despite the machinations of Mrs. Hudson - Sherlock is asexual, John is straight. But it's still a love story.

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As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Adorable. Just adorable. I love how you genuinely captured the spirit of the Fab Five (including the three really talented ones) and aimed them straight at the hilariously deserving 221B.

It's also a pleasure to see them turn the fairy godfather sympathy on John, who a) really deserves it and b) can appreciate it, with Sherlock as the irritated bystander.

John absolutely deserves all the nice things they do for him, and I wanted them to know it and feel his appreciation. That Mrs. Hudson is awfully crafty, isn't she?

am still a bit too flaily for a reasonable comment but i loved the quiet sweetness with which john operates no matter how awkward or potentially charged the situation. you really brought out the qualities that i imagine sherlock finds most appealing in john.
oooh! and the image of sherlock standing out in a world of beige works on so many levels - not least of which is the pretteh.

Awwww, "quiet sweetness"!!! What a lovely way to sum up John! I tend to think of him as steady, like an unwavering candle - there's such a reassuring solidity to him. And yes, I bet Sherlock values John for these things.

Hahaha, Sherlock was born to be conspicuous! It speaks well of him that he loves John, who can let himself fade into the background so easily.

A very sweet friendship, in its own way.

Oh my god you're awesome for this. I was giggling and grinning the whole time and oh my god so adorable yay. I did not see enough of this show, for serious.

Thank you so much - I'm really pleased that you had a good time with this!

The Queer Eye crossover with Sherlock tickled me pink! :-D

I really enjoyed reading it. I tried to be quiet, but I giggled so much I think I woke my housemate up. Funny & tender story. Two thumbs up!

Every bit of this is adorable. Including Sherlock making a bad choice of body parts for his analogy. (Although now I'm picturing pretending-to-be-asexual!Sherlock using that same analogy just to fuck with people.)

I'm glad that it didn't all end in tears, and that the Fab Five left Sherlock his skull.

Your icon is hilarious!

I think Sherlock just being himself is enough to fuck with people, honestly. And yes, he gets to keep his skull! Thank you!

Oh what a gorgeous fic this is! I love the beauty of their friendship, so wonderfully not-defined and yet with its specific boundaries. AND THE PENIS WAGGLING. HAHA

Aw, I'm pleased that the boys' weird relationship comes through in all its glory! And yes, Sherlock had a lot of fun phrasing his manifesto!

Great fic! Loved reading it! Loved the food idea.

Loved the whole story. So much fun.

I am asexual and uninterested in fucking anybody at all."

"But -"

"Spare me the protestations," Sherlock snapped. "It's not a waste, I won't 'change my mind' when 'the right one comes along,' and I'm not repressed or frightened. I am simply uninterested."

And for that alone, I award you the internet. :D
I want that on a t-shirt.

Yay, an internet of my very own!

I'm really pleased that worked for you - I'd been wanting to write it for quite some time.

(Deleted comment)
Weeelllll, one of my betas said that if this story got remixed, the remixer might want to do it as a QEftSG ep, and show all of the parts I skipped, including the watching of the dinner (I can imagine gasps as they saw Sherlock taking John's hands!). So I'll most likely hold out for something like that (especially when it seems like a remix challenge might be something people in this fandom are interested in).

But thank you!

Loved this, even without knowing Queer Eye that well. Poor John, he was a much better sport about the whole thing than I would have been.

(Deleted comment)
Still think that this is glorious. & even after reading it already, the description of John as 'pocket-sized' made me giggle...

John is frowning disapprovingly at you, both for that and for calling him a killjoy for specifying that he prefers to shower alone.

(Thank you, honey!)