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i like your moxie, sassafras!

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ad: sometimes you just gotta dance
Happy birthday to mirrorskippy and enigel!

For mirrorskippy, how about a John Watson haiku?

Little ass-kicker -
He'll take on anybody,
Then smile, slow and sweet.

No? How about this one?

Sherlock watches him
Giggling at his own crime scenes;
Gets him laughing too.

No, wait, I know what you really want:


And, enigel, in lieu of adorable Martin Crieff, have this instead:


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Eeee! *makes squealy sounds* *dignified squeals, of course, as is proper for a thirty-one year old* :D

Yes, that sounded awfully dignified!

(I still want to hear your experience of the Cabin Pressure recording! TELL ME ALL!)

And I still want to relate it! :D

It's just that I've spent the past days alternating between coughing and other icky cold-related pursuits. >.<

Aww, I'm sorry to hear that! Get well soon!

Aaand I've just posted about it! :D

Thank you!

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