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"Not an Alias" (Leverage: Sophie/Eliot, R)

Hi, everybody!

It's funny - I think of myself as a gen writer who happens to write het and slash as well, but now that I'm in a fandom where one of the main characters is (in my mind) asexual, I want to write porn. (Fortunately, he's a romantic asexual, so I don't have to skip the romance altogether.) Oh, Sherlock, please be in love with John forever.

Anyway, serendipitously enough, technosage is running what she's calling a porn-paragraph-a-thon, and one prompt caught my eye: Leverage, Sophie/Eliot, sweetheart. Here's my tiny little fill:

Not an Alias

Look, it doesn't matter that Sophie is just her favorite in a string of aliases, or that Nate's branded his name on a good chunk of her heart. What matters is that she's a woman who knows what she wants and goes out and gets it, and if she's going to stand in front of him with her big eyes fixed on his hands and the thinnest layer of silk covering her, saying she wants him in that voice that got him going the very first time he heard it, he's not going to do anything but what she asks.

"I got you, sweetheart," he says, and her eyes close in relief as he strips her bare.

She's biting at his mouth as his hands slip over her skin and he firmly keeps all wishes at bay by running his thumbs over her nipples. If there's a reason she picked him, it might be faith in his hitter's knowledge of how bodies can move; he picks her up and puts her back against the wall.

He's got two fingers inside her when he hears her stutter something against his shoulder; the jolt he gets when he makes out "El -" and recognizes that she's trying, between gasps, to say his name makes his fingers curl. She screams out her orgasm, toppling forward.

That's alright, because he knows how to take a fall, and he lands on his back, her still on top of him, and they're just getting started.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.
Tags: fic, leverage, sherlock holmes

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