kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

Ah, Dean

So when Rome was on the air (and why must I wait until 2007, HBO?!?) it kicked my Kevin McKidd love into high gear. I'd always liked him in whatever I saw him in, but I don't think I ever realized all those various sightings were of the same person. He's Tommy in Trainspotting and then the vain, fussy tenor in Topsy-Turvy and Vronsky in Anna Karenina? Hello, range! But Vorenus is so the man; I have such love for that character. Anyway, a few of the articles on him mentioned that his first big break was playing the lead in The Silver Darlings. So I read the book and this line jumped out at me:

His eyes were like living drops of the ocean itself and you could see the exaltation of the fight concentrated in them.

It works for the character, and it works for Vorenus, but I think it really works for Dean. Would someone like to indulge me and write a fic with this line in it?
Tags: rome, supernatural

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