kunju (innie_darling) wrote,

oh, you guys

Do you know what you did? You made my birthday yesterday so lovely, and for that, I thank you.

mirrorskippy, laguera25, rinkle, veeann, destina, and dotfic, thank you for the posts, comments, and emails.

oxoniensis, janissa11, and deirdre_c, thank you for the v-gifts.

And there were gifts I can share with all of you! Some lovely ladies wrote me stories, and I think you'll agree that they are, in a word, awesome. I cannot recommend these enough.

oxoniensis read my Cabin Pressure story and thought it looked like fun, so she whipped up Herm (Cabin Pressure), an absolutely hilarious story of the crew engaging in the wordplay that made them so dear to me.

ariadnes_string knew of my fondness for John and Lestrade teasing Sherlock, so she posted the first half of the delightful In the Belfry (BBC Sherlock), featuring a John who is thoroughly awesome.

messageredacted did something else that I love, which is to acknowledge the darkness in the character of Sherlock Holmes, and did it magnificently. You will recognize - and shiver at - the Sherlock in the totally gripping Shift (BBC Sherlock).

dotfic asked me to name my poison, and she gave me a ridiculously hot version of the story of Jack and Karen with thigh-kissing and sizzling chemistry in Find a Darkened Corner (Out of Sight).

musesfool gave me the Winchester boys, older maybe, but still the same adorable doofuses we all fell in love with in season one in Easy as Pie (Supernatural).

And I'm cheating with this one, because she posted it ahead of my birthday, but it was still for me and deserves to be praised far and wide: sinuous_curve wrote The Road to Awe (BBC Sherlock), a stunning look at Sherlock playing the violin (one of my absolute favorite things about the character in any incarnation) in the aftermath of "The Great Game."

If you spend time with any of these stories, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for giving me a wonderful day!
Tags: birthday, real_life

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