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cheer me up?

Hi, everybody.

Hahahahah, did I really say that I expected this birthday to be stress-free? At some point, I will learn to think before opening my mouth, I swear, because guess what? I got laid off today.

And yes, I've already gotten emails and texts and phone calls from some kickass people reminding me that I've never been crazy about this job, that I've frankly hated my boss, and that I'm not going to have to start worrying about living off of savings for at least a few months. But. Still. This is nerve-racking. I've always had a job, since I was thirteen years old. And (shamefully) the part that makes me saddest is that I'm going to be job-hunting on my birthday.

I had a little cry at work this morning, got hugged by the girls who are going to have to pick up all my projects (actually, spare a kind thought for them, poor things), and came home. I might at some point eat something, when my stomach releases itself from the knot it's in. I'm going to go to work the rest of this week and lay out instructions for all of my projects. And then that will be it, I think.

I've been making up a list of things I need to do, but I've been unreasonably lucky so far, and this is my first time coping with a layoff, so please chime in with stuff I should remember to do or take care of if you think of any. Or if your company is hiring, drop me a line, please?

I should remember that this is not the end of the world. I've already been reminded today that I have so many truly excellent people in my life. And here's something else that's cheered me up:

How are you all doing?
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