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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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Like a drunken sailor
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
That's me, spending money. I didn't even put my credit card away after buying the Cate Blanchett ticket before I was online buying this from Glarkware. In XXXL so I could use it as a long, loose, snuggly sleep shirt and have sweet dreams.

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It's only available this month, so if you like it, be quick about it.

Oh, snuggly sleep shirt... that's a great idea. Glark actually said he'd send me one gratis since I helped with his question. Sometimes it pays to be an obsessive fan! ;-D

Have you ever ordered a Glarkware shirt before? I've got several, and I love how soft the material is and how well they wear. There are a few CafePress items I've considered from time to time but I can't seem to find any info on the material, if the shirts shrink or fade easily, if the designs come off quickly, etc.

I ordered the "Go Pirates" hoodie (and I love it!). Never did a shirt myself but soleil_matinal got the "Always Take Backup" shirt and I thought the material was really nice.

The only thing I've gotten from CafePress is my beloved Sark Apologist coffee mug and while I love it, it has faded quite a bit with use so I figure if the coffee mug fades, I don't think that bodes well for the shirts. They do have some great ones though!!

I'm so glad you said that, because my credit card needs a break. And the thought of a messenger bag with "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole" is veeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy tempting.

I knew there was a reason I needed to put some money on my credit card! I NEED that shirt liek whoa!

Mmm hmmm. The only thing that could make it better is if it came with Jensen inside.

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