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i like your moxie, sassafras!

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(Re)Reading / Book Recs / Fanfic
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Hi, everybody!

I'm feeling chatty, and I wanted to talk about books. I had a discussion years ago with an acquaintance who described herself as an avid reader, and yet looked completely baffled when I said I frequently reread favorite books. I can't quite get my head around the concept of reading a book you love only once and being done with it. Even when I was little, I always had a couple of old favorites in the stack I took home from the library every Saturday morning. Do you guys reread? If so, do you reread the whole book, or just the "good parts"?

Possibly this is on my mind because I've been having a little orgy of rereading going on. I take the subway to and from work, which translates into anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes of reading time per day, guaranteed, and I've been too hot when I get home to turn on my laptop, so I've been stretching out under a ceiling fan and opening well-loved books.

Recently reread: The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. Wonder Boys and The Yiddish Policemen's Union by Michael Chabon. The Sherlock Holmes canon. Good Night, Mr. Holmes + Good Morning, Irene + Irene at Large + Irene's Last Waltz by Carole Nelson Douglas. The Confession of Brother Haluin by Ellis Peters. Next up for rereading will most likely be something from Gillian Roberts's Amanda Pepper series, another book from the Brother Cadfael series, the two-book Mordant's Need series by Stephen R. Donaldson, or Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths series. And maybe Adam Rex's The True Meaning of Smekday, if I don't want to get sucked into a whole series.

I surprised myself by wanting to write fanfic for the Hunger Games series (specifically, a meeting between Cinna and Gale - NEEDS MORE CINNA AND GALE!), because I've never been all that interested in fanfic based on textual canons. I tried explaining this once before, to my lovely beta, and I don't think I said it very well, but basically my feeling is that fanfic based on a show or a movie is clearly work in a different medium, possibly able to do certain things that the original medium could not. Textual canon precludes that possibility of transformation. Which is not to say that fanfic based on textual canon is worthless or stupid or presumptive or anything like that - I certainly don't want to call the wrath of the entire HP fandom down on me - but just that it's different in a way that feels alien to me. What do you think?

Anyway, enjoy the book recs above, and let me know if you have any for me? I'll be on a plane in a few weeks, and will need something to see me through two very long trips. Thanks!

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I don't know why I'm surprised that you've read the Hunger Games, but OMG. That's the first book in a while that I've read all in one sitting, compulsively.

I KNOW! That book is the definition of gripping. I didn't realize it was the first in a trilogy, so I was expected resolution on the love triangle, and I SCREAMED when I got to the end.

And I have to admit I love seeing why Katniss totally wouldn't pick up on the cues about Petra being in love with her. To us, it's totally obvious, but because she's so used to living moment to moment, bartering with everyone - even people she considers friends - that it makes a lot of sense that she can't think of anyone like that, or even that anyone would think of her.

Plus, I love how mercenary she is/isn't. Like, knowing all the tricks of the games, but then also taking Rue on her team.

Yes, Katniss is totally believable in that she doesn't see romantic interest until it's smacking her in the face - she's so clear that anytime anyone does anything nice for her, it's because of fond memories of her father, or affection for Prim. And, yes, the "can't think about love right now" thing she's got going totally works for the story, for the weight she's got on her shoulders - and usually I don't like that storyline.

Plus, it's awesome that I would be totally happy for Katniss to choose Peeta, Gale, Cinna, or not to choose at all. There's no easy out in that love triangle.

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