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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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odds and ends
the arch of the eyebrows gives it away
Hi, everybody!

My little brother just got back safe and sound from South Africa, where he'd attended four World Cup matches and did some sightseeing in Durban and Capetown. I now have a statue and a mask from South Africa to call my very own. (I looked for him in the stands, but he said he wouldn't have been visible in any game except Spain-Portugal.)

My boy Rafa just needs to win the U.S. Open, and he'll be set. Also, he should give lessons on being a gracious winner and a gracious loser to certain other people. And Tomas Berdych, as my mother pointed out, does look a lot like Eugene Victor Tooms (whom she described as "the guy from The X-Files with the fingers." Thanks, Mom, you've really painted a vivid picture). He seems like a good kid, and I hope he does get to a decent round at the U.S. Open. My brother and I are going to go to the Open, come hell or high water.

My mom's oldest sister and her husband (and my mother) spent all day yesterday and most of today with me. I'm exhausted, after taking them to the Museum of Natural History, Central Park, and Broadway (to see Chicago). And then today, my brother flew in, and my cousin, her husband, and her two little boys (5 and a half and 7) visited too. The boys were playing with my two model Impalas (1967 that came with one of the SPN DVD sets, the other a 1964 from Duane Reade), and when I mentioned that they were Impalas, my mom and my aunt started singing a song from an Indian film, for which the chorus is apparently (translated): "I'm just a little Morris Minor, and she thinks she's such a big-shot because she's a 1961 Impala." I feel like Dean would pee himself with excitement if he were ever to stumble over this song.

I finally finished a draft of my summergen story, and I have three more stories chomping at the bit, only one of which is related to Supernatural. I might be trying my hand at Sherlock Holmes fic soonish, and the other is for a birthday, and is therefore a surprise, but it will be nice to stretch the writing muscles again.

And, oh, I'm going to Istanbul for five days at the end of the month! Anybody have any recommendations for things to do or see?

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Yay for your little brother! :)

And oh, man Istanbul. I've always wanted to go there. Neat!

Yeah, he just wanted to go, and he had the time and the money, so he went.

I will of course be telling you guys AAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL about Istanbul once I'm back!

And now I have "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)" (the They Might Be Giants version) stuck in my head.

Seriously, going to Istanbul is very cool. Looking forward to hearing about it!

As long as I don't sing the song while I'm there, I think I'll be good! I will post pictures and thoughts as soon as I'm back!

*Your* boy Rafa???!!! ::stomps foot:: Well, okay, I'll share ;)

I so want him to earn his career slam. I'm hoping to see him at the Rogers Cup in Toronto before the US Open. Last time I went('06?), it was to the semis and he'd gotten knocked out by then :(. This time, I'm taking off work and going to the Quarters - every one of them *g* - so damn well better see him ::crosses fingers::

Here's hoping the lad stays healthy through to the end of the open at least!

♥ that 1961 Impala song story. Too cute :)

Istanbul sounds awesome!

He can be our boy - he's the boy of everybody who loves him!

Ooh, he did mention he's playing Toronto - I hope he makes it to the quarters at least!

Ooh, he did mention he's playing Toronto - I hope he makes it to the quarters at least!

My tickets arrived yesterday so I'll be crossing my fingers and toes that Rafa stays healthy straight through Toronto and beyond :)

i support sherlock holmes fic! also, i should point you towards my sister -- she just moved to brooklyn and you guys should be friends. :)

Yes, I've been meaning to say hi to your sister, but have been too crazed to do so. Now that my brother's back and I know he's safe, I can quit worrying about him and reach out to her.

Hahahah, there are notes enough for FOUR Sherlock Holmes fics!

Tony says go and see the Ottoman palaces and cross over the Bosphorus! (He lived there for a year back in the past), Also he says go out to the islands, and there's lots of night life, belly dancing clubs and shit like that. And the covered Bazaar and the Sultan Ahmed (the Blue Mosque). I think it's funny he says nightlife because since I've known him he's never been into nightlife that much.

I had a dream once that I was swimming across the Bosphorus, towards Turkey. I made it!

At swim, one girl?

Thank you so much for the advice - and thank Tony for me too! I will do my best to follow it.

Yay! Glad he's back safe and sound, and that you survived the weekend with the cousins (adorable as they are).

You're going to have to find and play me that song.

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