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Masterpost - (Chances Are This Is) How John Winchester Got His Groove Back [Het; NC-17]

Hi, everybody!

Here's my contribution for 2010's spn_j2_bigbang challenge (thank you, mods, for again making this so stress-free on the administrative side of things!). It's called "(Chances Are This Is) How John Winchester Got His Groove Back," and it's got a multiplicity of het ships: John/Mary, Dean/OFCs, Sam/Jess, John/Jess, Dean/Pamela, Dean/Jamie, Dean/Carmen, and Dean/Nancy. It's rated NC-17, and clocks in at just over 27,000 words.

There's a lot going on in this story - lots of ideas that didn't seem big enough for separate fics of their own, but that came together for this one narrative. If you click on the story, you'll find the following:

  • Trickster voyeurism - and lots of porn

  • hunters we've met or heard of only briefly, like Caleb, Jefferson, and Rufus

  • an AU in which Kate and Adam don't exist ("Jump the Shark")

  • an AU in which the Trickster stays the Trickster and isn't revealed to be Gabriel ("Changing Channels")

  • an AU in which Sam goes to Stanford with John's okay and Dean's blessing

  • one take on Dean's "five states in five days" trip ("The Kids Are Alright")

  • an AU in which Deanna and Samuel died on a hunt unrelated to Azazel ("In the Beginning")

  • corrections for (hopefully) all the mistakes I made in Sunshine State regarding Stanford's academic calendar

  • an SPN spin on the cheesetastic movie Chances Are starring the inimitable RDJ (hence the John/Jess mentioned above)

  • a story in thirteen parts with six different narrators in a sort of mirrored format

  • a story sweated over by not one, not two, but three lovely betas - janissa11, girl_wonder, and musesfool. Ladies, take a bow, because your efforts were heroic. (Though, of course, I kept tinkering even after their clever editorial fingers had finished, so all mistakes are mine and should not reflect on them.)

  • a story with awesome illustrations by glitter_noire!

  • Happy reading!

    1/13: Trickster
    2/13: Mary
    3/13: Trickster
    4/13: Sam
    5/13: Jess
    6/13: John
    7/13: Dean
    8/13: John
    9/13: Mary
    10/13: Sam
    11/13: Trickster
    12/13: Jess
    13/13: Trickster

    Or download the pdf, courtesy of elanurel! (ETA: reuploaded on 1/31/11 - http://www.sendspace.com/file/4zxynm) (ETA2: reuploaded on 6/25/11 - http://www.sendspace.com/file/p67o9s)
    Tags: fic, supernatural, supernatural_fic_my

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