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therapeutic thump

i like your moxie, sassafras!

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(Chances Are This Is) How John Winchester Got His Groove Back - 13/13 - Trickster
thanks but he's super-holy already

Yeah, so I had my buddy - he goes by Omar these days, but you'd probably still recognize him - put everything back to the way it was supposed to be. Far be it from me to deny John Winchester his solitary suicide quest to find Old Yellow Eyes.

I wonder if he'd listen to a hint or two if I dropped them. What? The man's an idiot, but there really was something about that girl of his; if anyone deserved to be avenged, she did. She was one of my all-time favorites. Hot blondes are always a good time.

As always, I'd love to hear what you think.

Wow, a great start to Big Bang Season.

First you give John back his Mary, but then you take her away again, you take Jess away from Sam but then you bring her back. You have John lying and hiding things from his boys (nothing new there) but you also make Mary trick them. That's what this fandom was missing, brotherly incest was getting a little old, bring on the maternal incest.

I really don't know who I feel sorrier for, John, Sam or Mary. To paraphrase Chuck, you are a 'cruel and capricious God'

Thank you for sharing.

Yay, I just realized that not only am I first for your fic, but I'm first for this years Big Bang. Sometimes it pays to live in Australia.

What a fabulous start to Big Bang season! Your Trickstr voice was absolutely perfect. You had me from Caligula. ;) Thanks for a great het story!

Aw, that's lovely of you to say - thank you so much!

This fic was awesome! Perfect start to Big Bang!
I love the bit of back story you had on Mary and John - they were so sweet and in love and it was beautiful. Sam going of to college was interesting, the little tweaks you make *sighs* if only they were canon. Sam and Jess <3. Such a beautifully written story (even if it was kinda sad and bitter sweet in parts), you should be very proud of yourself!
As always the Trickster comments bring smiles, that man is my God ;)
Loved it hon! x

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really glad the pairings - and the Trickster - worked for you!

this is a perfect start to a summer of awesome fics! love the little plot twists and turns!

Ah, thank you very much - I'm really pleased this worked for you!

This is absolutely fantastic! I love all the twists and the way the story's constructed is wonderful. Great job XD

I'm really glad to hear that, since the structure of the story was very frustrating for me to figure out! Thanks!

Great story. A little creepy though. I just kept thinking of John and Sam and Jess/Mary. Still, the feeling that John was back with Mary was so wonderful, just as wonderful as Sam with Jess.

What a tangled web you weave!

Totally creepy - I quite agree! But what can you expect when the Trickster is up to his usual shenanigans?

(Deleted comment)
I see what you meant by the funny/serious comment! So much capacity for the heavy angst - instead, it’s delightfully quirky, slightly startling and very original. I really like the framing device of the trickster sections, especially in this final one. Ha! Great title!

It's a weird little story, isn't it? Thank you so much for the kind words!

This is so awesome. I love Chances Are, and the way you wove some of that in here was great. I think my favorite thing of the whole story is just Sam bringing Jess "home" to meet Dean and John--I so wish they could've had that in canon.

I find it so interesting to write John faced with one of his son's girlfriends - I keep wondering what that would have been like, and I can't get enough of reading other people's takes on those moments either. Thank you so much, sugar!

I really appreciate the risks you took with this fic - it wasn't structured in a stereotypical way, and I thought that really helped with the narratives you tried to incorporate. I always appreciate a good female POV and I think you wrote a particularly lovely Mary POV. I'm always thrilled to see people take on Mary (and John/Mary). Good work! :)

I really appreciate how you crafted this feedback - thank you for taking the time to let me know what worked for you.

I really enjoyed this; you nailed the Sam and Dean voices (as always) and I felt like it was the perfect mix of creepy and sentimental and loving. I liked the POVs as chapters and that's something that can usually go wrong in a long fic but I thought it was so well done here.

Annnnnd it was hot, hahaha.

Thanks for sharing. <3

The structure gave me a lot of trouble, so I'm really pleased to hear that it worked for you! Thank you so much for the kind words!

Such an original idea for a story... I had no idea how you were going to untangle this one. And I agree that Mary certainly deserved to be avenged. Thanks for your hard work!

Ha, I don't think I did untangle much, because when you have an actual, literal god, it would be a glaring omission not to go all deus ex machina, don't you think?

But, yes, Mary rules! Thank you!

Wow, what a tangled web of deception the trickster created. It was an incredible ride! :)

I don't know who to feel sorry for, but if this was the only glimpse John got of Mary after all those years, I can see why he would make that deal with "old yellow eyes." Who would want to live after that?

Seriously though, you told a damn good tale, humorous, sexy and angsty, all rolled into one! Thanks!

Oh, thank you so much for the generous feedback! I'm so pleased this worked for you!

Absolutely awesome. Wonderfully orginial concept, brilliantly executed. You get all the voices spot on, and I love the change in POVs. Very sexy and sensual too. A story I'll be rereading!

Ah, that's really wonderful to hear - thank you so much!

What a brilliant start to BB! I really enjoyed this. Poor John though, he just gets Mary back and then she goes again. :(

Yeah, John is not doing too well here, and haring off at the end on his suicide quest - but I'm very glad you enjoyed the ride! Thanks!